Getting Tired Of Your Stock Exhaust? – We Can Help With One of Our Custom Exhausts

Over the past 10 years, we here at Fluid MotorUnion, located in Naperville, Illinois, have created some unique sounds for customer’s cars on a wide range of makes and models. While we may be most known for our Lamborghini Gallardo smooth merge megaphone Exhaust system, Our fabricators have been able to achieve many more customers dreams of what they want their vehicle to sound like. Our custom exhausts ranging from Hyundai Accent all the way to our wild SEMA Build CLK Black Series, and everything in between. With many differences between these custom exhausts, there is always one goal. The best sound possible, by us here at Fluid Motorunion.

The Best thing about coming to us at Fluid Motorunion for one of our custom made exhaust systems is that we can tailor the build to your own needs. When fabricating the custom exhausts system for a client who is looking to have that mean sound, our fabricators have a need to find that aggressive type sound out of the vehicle, Porsche, Lamborghini, whatever it might be, we advise them to double check their HOAs in case there may be a “Loud Car Noise” section. Now of course for the client who is looking for a more toned down type sound but a bit more aggressive sound than stock, we always can accommodate the client’s wishes, or even the client’s significant others wishes, no matter the case may be.

Take a look below, you will see a list of the different blogs we have created that will feed you the information and sound (Visit the Lamborghini Superleggera) that you will need to listen too in order to experience how your car could sound. This list only includes a lump sum of the custom exhaust systems for the cars we have done so your head doesn’t get twisted around like an owl, but we think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

custom exhausts

custom exhausts


Education On Emissions

Audi R8 Custom Exhaust:

Audi A4 Billy Boat Exhaust

Audi A8 Exhaust

BMW X5M Exhaust

BMW 335 Downpipes and Exhaust

BMW 330 M Performance Exhaust

BMW M5 Rear Section Mufflers

E60 M5 Rear Section Exhaust: (PARTIAL Exhaust/Mufflers Only)

LS1 WRX and E60 M5 Custom Exhaust

BMW E30 Exhaust

C6 Chevy Corvette

Completed C6 Corvette Exhaust

Dodge Truck SRT-10 Exhaust

Lamborghini Gallardo Exhaust Complete with Megaphone Cat Delete

Lamborghini FULL Exhaust System Video

Lamborghini Superleggera Exhaust System

Product Review: 2013 Nissan GTR HKS Legamax Exhaust

Mercedes G500 to G63 Exhaust CONVERSION

SL600 Exhaust: Finishing Touches

ExhaustED C63 Exhaust

Best Maserati Exhaust Blog

Porsche 911 991 Full Exhaust Part 1
Porsche 911 991 Full Exhaust Part 2
Porsche 911 991 Full Exhaust Part 3

Porsche 996 911 Fister Exhaust

Porsche 996 Exhaust Comparison