M5 Rear Section Exhaust Mufflers

M5 Rear Section Exhaust Mufflers (1)

M5 Rear Section Exhaust Mufflers

In the past few days of work at Fluid MotorUnion, we had a bit of an M5 party. And it’s all thanks to our welds on these M5 Rear Section Exhaust Mufflers.

You’re in luck — both of our topics today involve some degree of weld porn. We’ll start with the less pornographic story. You know, save the best for last, yadda yadda yadda. Either way, at the end of last week, we had Jason’s E60 M5 hop onto our rack for an exhaust swap. Sadly, it wasn’t as straightforward as you’d think.


Mixing and matching brands can always get a little tricky. There are no regulated, specified places where a midsection must end and a rear section must begin. For that reason, there’s almost always a bit of fabrication involved when you’re looking to take a more potluck-inspired stance on your exhaust. For Jason, he has a full RPI setup at the moment and wants to swap out the RPI rear section for an Eisenmann rear section. There’s one major issue with this, however; RPI’s v-band clamps are well forward of the E60’s rear axle. The beginning of the Eisenmann, to put it nicely, is nowhere near that clamping location.


Of course, Jason could have gone to some fly-by-night hole in the wall that grabs some mild steel and a MIG welder and slaps it in there sloppily for $25. But of course, being the owner of car that originally cost six digits, he chose to follow the quality route. And that’s where we came in — with a bit of planning, we found the most straight route from pipe to pipe (to cut down on any accidental power losses) and welded up a solution.


And wouldn’t you know, after a quick test fit, it slides into place perfectly. The tips are lined up in the rear and there’s a solid connection at the v-band clamp. Mission accomplished.


Now it’s time to move over to the bread and butter of our weld photos, the FMU E39 M5 Rear Section. With the Y-pipes, tips and resonators all assembled, we moved quickly to the rear arms that connect the resonators to the existing midsection (be it OEM or otherwise). These are probably the easiest parts of the system to build, requiring only a few welds with the trickiest part being connecting the arm to the Y-pipe.


With the arms finished and welded into place, it’s time to tackle the last little bit of the construction phase of the M5 Rear Section Exhaust Mufflers — the mounting points. After all, exhaust without mounts wouldn’t be very effective at, you know, staying in place on the car and not dragging all over the ground. Therefore, as always, we threw the rear section back into the jig, tacked the mounts into place and then went to town with the welder.


And before we knew it, boom goes the dynamite — one completed half of the FMU E39 M5 Rear Section.


A little while later, we finished the other side’s mounts as well. With all that done, we brought them into the office and started wrapping them up to send to the customer. We hope he enjoys installing these as much as we enjoyed making and documenting them!


We’re getting more inquiries on the daily regarding the FMU E39 M5 Rear Section Exhaust Mufflers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail at blog@fluidmotorunion.com and we’ll do our best to answer your questions as quickly and thoroughly as possible! We can also direct you to a litany of videos provided by our already-overjoyed rear section owners, if you’d like some aural information, as well. Have a great start to your week!

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