Bentley Bentayga Service in Naperville

Bentley Bentayga Service

Bentley Bentayga Service in Naperville

Looking for a company help you with your Bentley Bentayga service and repairs other than the expensive dealerships? Fluid MotorUnion has been servicing and repairing Bentleys at our 11,000sq ft facility in Naperville for many years. Most commonly we have customers bringing in their vehicles for air suspension issues or turbo diagnostics. However, we also have some of the newest model Bentleys come for a little TLC as well!

This week a long-time customer brought in his relatively new Bentley Bentayga. Now you might think “well with only 12,000 miles on the clock what could possibly go wrong?”. All the new technology that gets packed into these cars is pretty impressive and certainly lends to the luxury top of the line feel. However, it also means there are a lot more things that have the opportunity to fail or break.

Every Bentley Bentayga Service Starts With a Comprehensive Digital Inspection

Bentley Bentayga Service
Computer diagnosis and air suspension control evaluation

When it comes to Bentley Bentayga service, these cars have gotten so complex it is no longer as simple as just racking the car up and taking a peek underneath. High-end luxury vehicles come with more under shields and sound deadening than your average passenger vehicle. Just placement on the rack can take a significant amount of time as it’s very easy to cover these components. When it comes to computer diagnostics, sometimes there can be an hour of scanning various modules just to get a report and reset the service light.

Regardless of what Bentley Bentayga service your vehicle may need, FMU has you covered. Our trained technicians and advanced diagnostic tools result in the proper recommendations for maintaining and servicing your vehicle, without the big name dealership price tag attached. Our digital multi-point inspection helps you anticipate upcoming maintenance, and future services to be aware of as items wear. It also helps you keep money in your pocket by allowing you to complete the repairs in a way that works with your budget and schedule.

For over 10 years FMU has given you a simple and worry-free alternative for dealership service on your Bentley. Come find out why we have been voted Nextdoor’s neighborhood favorite twice. To book an appointment or find out more information, hit up our website or email/call to speak to one of our expert service writers.
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