Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville

Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville

If you are looking for Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville as a way to change the color of your rims with a vibrant, long-lasting, and environmentally-friendly finish, we may have your answer. Powder coating is one of the best options for wheels mainly because it is extremely durable. The object’s surface is much more resistant to any chipping, scratches, and typical wear and tear over traditional painted surfaces. Beyond that, you’re not limited to a select few colors or textures either. Powder coating offers a variety of color options and different finishes from smooth to wrinkled or a matte finish that can look like paint but act as a shield for your car or motorcycle.

Being that we do a lot of Custom modification of vehicles, we often suggest powder coating as a durable way to change the look of your vehicle. For those that may not know what powder coating is, when comparing powder to paint, you must keep in mind that this is not paint. Paint has a colored pigment in liquid solvent suspension that is kept wet during the application process. Once it dries, the molecules of the substances pigment bond with each other to create a “skin” of paint that is visible on the surface.

Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville Porsche GT3 RS Lamborghini Aventador

Powder coat, on the other hand, is actually a dry finishing process. The powder itself is typically a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer that is ground down to a flour-like texture. It is then electrostatically charged and then sprayed onto a metallic object that can withstand heat during the making process. The curing oven adheres all of the resin particles to the object being powdered.

To sum things up, this entire process means that it is much more durable opposed to a “wet” paint. It is also able to withstand minor impacts that can cause chips, scratches, and abrasions or corrosion caused by contamination. Powder coating is ideal for surface protection because it maintains its color at all temperatures and in varying weather conditions. It also has superior ultraviolet light exposure resistance. In fact, you will see an enhanced color in sunlight with a powder coated finish. Supporting this, it is also an environmentally friendly process, as it emits fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) during the coating process.

This early 997 Porsche 911 GT3 RS wanted to change the color of the rims to match with the graphics on the vehicle. From a gun metal finish to a gloss black.

Black Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville Porsche GT3 RS 997 side shot

By powder coating rims, those who own a vehicle or motorcycle can quickly and easily enhance the appearance of their wheels while maintaining the vehicle’s value. If you are looking for Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville, Wheaton, Warrenville or Aurora area, please give us a call at 630-305-3054 or stop at our new location in Naperville at 2108 W Ferry Road. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at Blog@FluidMotorUnion.com

Black Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville Porsche GT3 RS yellow caliper

Black Wheel Powder Coating in Naperville Porsche GT3 RS drivers side orange

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