BMW E53 X5 Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits !

BMW E53 X5 Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits !

Want to lift your BMW E53 X5 with one of our Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits? Below is an update on where things stand with our BMW E53 X5 Off Road 4×4 Lift Kits parts.

After shipping out all lift kit pre-orders, we currently still have kits in stock and ready to ship. If you would like to place an order please contact blog@fluidmotorunion.com or give us a call at 630-305-3054. More details on the lift kit HERE.

Our latest design for the BMW E53 X5 front 4×4 off road bumper is finalized and we’re currently taking orders for production. This is a build-to-order item that currently has a 2-3 week turnaround so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in placing an order as that build time will increase. More details and images found HERE.


This off-road bmw e53 X5 rear bumper was the first attempt at designing something rugged for the rear. We’re very happy with how it turned out however, it is a costly item to reproduce. We’re currently looking at 3-4 weeks on rear bumper orders so again, if interested please don’t hesitate to reach out for pricing information.


As previously mentioned in the past, we’re currently working on finalizing the design and overall testing for the E70 X5 lift kit. The overall design will be very similar to that of the E53 kit but we want to make sure we’ve looked at all variables in application.

We have also developed some other nifty parts for the E53 chassis including:

A weld on camber bolt repair kit.
A LED light Bar mounted to the front A-Pillar
Reinforced front thrust arms to prevent bends when offroad
Dakar rally inspired Mudflaps

If you have any ideas for products, please shoot us an email, as we may be able to fabricate your ideas!

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us via blog@fluidmotorunion.com if you’re interested in placing an order!

  • Dionisio Barroso
    Posted at 07:53h, 26 April

    Hello, I’d like to know the price of the suspension kit, the front bumper, the rear bumper, the snorkel, the roof gallery and the lamp.I would like to know the price already with postage to Portugal

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 07:08h, 27 April

    You can email Drew@fluidmotorunion.com for pricing

  • Mike
    Posted at 20:17h, 20 June

    Hey there, Whats the progress one the E70 lift kits?
    Also, what are those rims on the E53?
    Keep up the awesome work!

    -Mike in California

  • Seth Abrahams
    Posted at 15:43h, 10 July

    Just wondering if you have had any luck with the testing and production of the E70 lift kit?

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 09:50h, 27 July

    Unfortunately, not yet. Still looking to get this done but need someone local and willing to work with us on it!

  • Adam Minarik
    Posted at 11:09h, 14 November

    Zdravym chcem sa spitat na niake podlozky pod pruziny …
    Chcel by som zdvyhnut Bmw x5 e53 2005 3.0d 160kw
    Aspon 30-40mm

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 08:53h, 30 December

    Sorry, we are having trouble translating this. please email blog@fluidmotorunion.com for more help

  • Carl
    Posted at 15:05h, 05 September

    Hi how much for an x5 e53 lift kit and bumper sent to the UK please

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 10:06h, 06 November

    For more information regarding price please email Chris@fluidmotorunion.com

  • Branon Edwards
    Posted at 13:30h, 02 January

    Hi guys. I am very interested in installing one of your kits on my 05. I want to make sure if this is done, my ride quality is not going to be crazy with tire ware from camber and toe issues. Please reach out to me.



  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 17:44h, 07 January

    Hey Branon,

    This is similar to any installed lift kit, meaning a proper alignment needs to be done after install to ensure proper tire wear and ride quality.

    Email: info@fluidmotorunion.com if you would like to pre-order our next batch of kits.


  • Lee Tourgee
    Posted at 17:47h, 10 June

    I have a 2016 X5 50i. Is there a similar option to get the same look/function as your E53 upgrade? What is the best option out there? Thanks & your kit looks great! -Thanks, Lee

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 11:33h, 19 June

    We do custom fabrication for this type of project. Please Email Blog@fluidmotorunion.com.

  • Jack August Conrad
    Posted at 20:03h, 18 August

    I am excited about the e70! I have a 2013 x5 50i that I would like to put modified bumpers, a heavy duty rack system and lift it a few inches with larger tires. I think it’ll look badass. Plus, I have a twin turbo 400hp engine in this thing. It is a monster either way you look at it.
    I do not wish to do hardcore off-roading, but it would be great to be able to move around a little bit on the back roads.

    Might you have any suggestions for a hardcore roof rack?

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