Zero Hour

Zero Hour

It’s do-or-die time at FMU. With Eurowerks tomorrow afternoon, everything’s finishing up as we speak.

Before we get back into the project work, let’s take a look at one customer job that will be leaving today. This Gallardo came into the shop with some running issues (which we remedied with plugs and coilpacks), as well as a broken front bumper. Seeing the opportunity, it was replaced with a slightly more aggressive front fascia, one that’s a bit more befitting for a high-horsepower supercar. It has massive front vents for the forward radiators, along with a very nice carbon fiber lip in the middle. Overall, it’s a great addition to an already great car, and we’re hoping the owner feels the same way.


Alright, back to the projects. The most monumental task in front of us is the Roadster’s engine. After all, it does us no good to have the motor outside the vehicle. Last night was a late one, with the hours stretching past midnight, but we managed to get more done than we’d hoped. Of course, the first step before putting it in the car was attaching all the parts that would be going back into the car, which is significantly easier with the motor out of the car.


With a little help from the hydraulic crane, the motor slid into the engine bay with ease.


A little while (and a couple Coors Lights) later, the radiator was back in, and all the fueling components were reinstalled and hooked up. Basically, at this point, all the top end work was finished, and all that remained was the bottom end. To start that, we rolled it over to the service bay and threw ‘er up on a lift.


After more blood and sweat, we had the drivetrain hooked up and the heat shields put in place. A little while after that, the exhaust was back in, and all the bottom-end work was complete as well. Now we’re just on to the odds and ends before we fire it back up.


Gold Wheels’s work, thankfully, doesn’t involve moving the motor. It does, however, involve a lot of wiring and soldering. First, we needed to replace the low-speed fan, which we did. However, the old resistor blew and we didn’t get a replacement with the new fan, so we made a 0.5 Ohm resistor from scratch and tossed ‘er into the mix.


While OJ worked on the wiring under the hood, Tom and Mike added some extra insulation between the carpet and the modified floorboards that surround the cutout piping to the side skirts.


All that remains now is a bit of audio wiring. Jay’s tackling this with help from a few different people. Here he is doing his best dead hooker impression. In case you were curious, the capacity for dead hookers in Gold Wheels’s trunk is one.


And with that, it’s the weekend! We’ll be up in Minnesota for Eurowerks this weekend, so we’ll see you on Monday with all sorts of coverage, both new and old! Have a great weekend. Oh, and if you’re around SoCal this weekend, head up to Avila Beach to check out Stanceworks’ first Avila Motoring Invitational!

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