Yellow Christmas

Yellow Christmas

Since the 914 is back in the paint booth, we’ll be ending our week with a healthy dose of the color yellow.

When we were last covering this car, we’d finished cleaning the rust from the interior of the 914 and laid down some primer to cover the freshly cleaned metal. All that remained was a little bit of leftover paint prep, and we’ll be ready to start painting.


Along with the fully primered interior, the first round of painting would encompass the insides of the engine bay, doors, hood and trunk as well. Since the paint booth isn’t much larger than a single-car garage, the first round of interior paint went to the 914’s body and the doors.


For the clearcoats, we decided on the standard gloss clearcoat for everything sans engine bay. For the engine bay, we went with a satin clearcoat. All that remained was the hood and trunk. After giving the first round of parts some time to dry, we rolled them out of the booth, put in the final two parts, and started painting once again.


At the moment, the hood and trunk have finished drying, and now our body shop is in the process of reassembling all of these parts into one coherent vehicle. Once that’s taken place, we’ll roll the full car back into the paint booth and spray the entire exterior all at once. We’re not able to paint the insides with the vehicle reassembled, otherwise we’d miss certain spots that would be bolted to other parts of the car. This way, everything can receive a full and proper coat of yellow paint.

In fabrication, after releasing one motorcycle earlier this week, another arrived a day ago or so. However, unlike the Kawasaki Vulcan cruiser that went back to Dana, this bike is geared for purposes slightly different. Namely, it’s built to go fast. Pretty damn fast.


Well, built is a strong word, since as you can tell it’s in a few pieces still. However, that’s where we come in. We’re currently giving it the once-over to determine exactly what remains in finishing this bike, and rest assured, once it’s done it’ll be pretty scary. Mostly because the turbo strapped to this motor is about the size of a human head.


On that note, that’s all she wrote for the blog today. Unlike most weeks, we’ll have a new blog post tomorrow as well, complete with a special Christmas greeting as well as an outline of our hours for the remainder of 2012. Have a great day!

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