Y Pipes? Y Not!

Y Pipes? Y Not!

This isn’t our first time sacrificing proper grammar for a blog post title, and something tells us it won’t be the last, either.

Since Bob’s car is already back out in the wilderness of the open road, we turn our attention to the E39 M5 axle-back section due to ship out to Europe this week. Fabrication is putting the finishing touches on everything, starting with the Y-pipes running from each pass-through resonator to the OEM midsection (or whatever this specific M5 will have). The Y-pipe construction starts with two individual pipes curving to a point in the metal, which will be shown below. And if one straight-on picture isn’t enough to satiate your appetite for welding shots, well, we brought dessert.


From that point, we then lop off a section of the almost-a-Y-pipe and weld on the single outlet. After that, we’ll have the axle-back in the jig, where we’ll fashion the remaining pieces of pipe that are required to connect to the remaining exhaust system. A few more welds here and there (including the welds from the Y-pipe to the resonators themselves) and we have ourself one complete half of an exhaust!


The other side’s Y-pipe is being assembled as we speak, then after a quick bit of packaging it’s off to the other side of the pond! We’re excited and can’t wait to get it out there. In other news, we have a couple more big projects slated to roll through the shop, so look forward to some sneak previews!

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