Wood and Steel

Wood and Steel

Today, we take a look at items that incorporate two radically different elements — wood and steel.

First up is an item made predominantly from high-quality wood. This box landed in our garage today, which is great considering Dan will be coming in tomorrow to get it installed. The item in question? A Nardi Classic Wood steering wheel. The level of fit and finish that went into this wheel is staggering — the wood looks flawless, and the construction of the metal spokes has a fantastic polish applied to it, complete with the etching of the company’s owner’s signature. Even the horn button looks classy in its retro aesthetic. Overall, we’re excited to put this wheel on tomorrow, and with the delays getting the Nardi shipment through customs, we’re sure Dan is happy, too!


On the other side of the material spectrum, half of the runners for the WRX LSx are complete. They still need to be welded into both the header flange and the bullet merge collector, but for now, we have four complete runners ready to be put in their final resting places. Yes, it’s another version of weld porn. Today, however, we won’t be mixing it in with anything special. None of the silly stuff today; just high quality 304 stainless with some nicely laid beads to match.


Have a fantastic weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday!

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