Warp Speed

Warp Speed

Sometimes, things need to be done quickly.

This time, the job that needed immediate attention was the construction of a second C63 oil cooler for OJ and Craig in Doha. Thankfully, the mill had finished cutting out Mike Burroughs’ velocity stacks, and we had just finished the final welds on Gary’s E39 M5 exhaust (pinion seal, clutch and flywheel is today, tomorrow is the tune), so it seemed that everything fell into place at just the right time. The mill started cutting, then the welds started, and everything came together in little over one day. Yesterday, this was as far as we’d made it before we left for the evening:


And now, we’ve got two ends left to add to the main body, pressure testing, and that’s it!


Not bad for a couple hours’ work this morning and afternoon. Check out the welds on the end tanks, too; having to go quick doesn’t mean we’re willing to sacrifice quality.


We’re excited to see how well the cooler performs in one of the hottest climates in the world! If it functions there, we’re going to do our next round of testing on the surface of the Sun. Although we might need some tires capable of handling that, if that’s the case. PS2’s probably won’t cut it.


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