E36 M3 Tuning – RK Tunes Turbo Tuning Kit

E36 M3 Tuning

E36 M3 Tuning – RK Tunes Turbo Tuning Kit

Now that we are getting ready to commence this E36 M3 tuning project, we had to sort out which tuner would be the best option. We hit up Matt, our main tuner who owns HD tuning in California. He referred us over to RK Tunes. We purchased the full tuning package from them. This package is specific to aftermarket force induction swapped E36 M3s!

RK Tunes Kit

To give some background on this specific build, this car originally came in with a blown head gasket. It was already equipped with a TRM Turbo Kit. As part of the refresh, the owner opted to install a performance cylinder head which included a CNC 5 axis porting job, performance valves, performance retainers, performance springs, valve guides, valve seals, multi-angle valve job, and a refinished mating service. We are shooting for around 400 WHP on our dyno, those of you who have been following us for a while know 400WHP on a dyno dynamics dyno is a strong car!

Check out the unboxing video below to see the various components included in the kit.

⦁ Blow through MAF
⦁ 60lb, 115lb high impedance injectors
⦁ Wiring harness adapter
⦁ Aluminum weld-on flange for a 3″ pipe

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