The SRT-10 exhaust progress is moving along quickly. After all, leaving a Viper engine to sit unused for too long should be a crime!

Craig, Tom and AJ have been working pretty hard to make good progress on the SRT-10’s exhaust. Every trip over to the fabrication garage is accompanied with more progress on the pipes, so that’s always good to see. The flanges and mufflers were the first things to be put together, followed by the x-pipe, and now they’re working on the piping between those two, as well as the piping from the x-pipe to the tail. Here’s where they’re at so far:


And now for a quick pic of the Project SL. We recently fitted the tires to the wheels and slapped ’em on for some quick test-fit shots. Obviously, the dimensions aren’t exactly where we want yet, but we’re still working on it. It is a project, after all:


Your humble narrator continues to insist that going with a demon-camber setup is the best choice, but nobody seems to agree with me. I wonder why…

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  • jd
    Posted at 18:22h, 24 February

    luci has the right answer for the sl ………

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