Thursday Mish-Mash

Thursday Mish-Mash

It’s nearing the end of the week, so once again we find ourselves with a slew of random photos from around the shop this week.

First up, Z3Ms in good condition are awfully tough to find these days. Even our own Z3M Roadster has a scrape on its chin, exposing the base black color of the bumper underneath. Modified ones aren’t too hard to come across, but finding a completely stock setup that hasn’t been beat to shit is rather rare. You might imagine that our interests were piqued, then, when a wholly unmolested Z3M Coupe came into the shop for some routine service work. Even the interior is in pretty darn good condition. For a 10ish-year-old car, it’s holding up great, and the Coupe layout is probably the toughest one to find.


As we mentioned, it’s in for some routine service, including some drivetrain work. In order to access that part of the vehicle, however, we have to remove the exhaust. This car hasn’t had an issue requiring exhaust removal in quite some time, as evidenced by the bolts holding the midsection to the headers — there was enough rust there to make a permanent seal between the bolts and the flanges. However, it’s nothing that a little kiss from the acetylene torch can’t fix.


Along with the Z3M, we also have…this car…in the shop to diagnose a running issue. We’ll only show you the wheel, but some of you enterprising gearheads may know exactly what it is from that picture alone. Care to take a guess? Comment on our Facebook page linking to this post if you have an idea. Either way, it’s a classic design. They don’t really make ’em like they used to.


Next up is another quick snap, but we’re always a fan of when he shows up. Anthony and his C55 AMG returned to the Fluid MotorUnion campus once again today. Not only does he have some serious interior upgrades coming his way, but he’s got a few points of service to knock out, too, including an inspection of his paddle shifters. We’re always glad to see his car in here — it’s got to be the most race-inspired C55 out there, with its extended rear diffuser, permanent tow hooks and one seriously awesome aftermarket custom exhaust (we wonder who made that?).


Finally, since we haven’t brought them up in a while, we’re just finishing up two more sets of our Fluid MotorUnion E39 M5 Rear Section. We won’t blast you with weld porn this time, but we do want to show a little bit of it off — after all, we pride ourselves on the quality of our inert-gas-backpurged TIG welding. If you’re looking to order a set of these for yourself, or if you have any general questions about the setup, don’t hesitate to e-mail Mike Marzano at and he’ll help you out!


That’s all for today, so we’ll see you back here tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel.

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