The FMU Team

OJ Lopez
Title: Owner/Founder


Osvaldo J. Lopez is one of the original founders and owners of Fluid MotorUnion.  After leaving UIC’s business school, he started his automotive education at WyoTech, taking basic automotive classes as well as specialized courses, like chassis fabrication and high performance engines.


Upon graduation from Wyotech,OJ was selected for the BMW STEP OS training program, which led to his job at Perillo BMW in Chicago. In just one year, he achieved Master Tech status, becoming the youngest master tech in Perillo’s history. During that time, his nighttime side project grew into a fully fledged business, so he left Perillo and chose to focus his efforts on growing FMU.


OJ has also completed courses at EFI, completing both the beginner and advanced levels.  He’s also trained with Haltech, giving him a strong knowledge base of their standalone engine management systems.  He continues his thirst for knowledge every day, taking as many courses and classes as he can handle.


Favorite car? Whatever car he is working on at the time.

Craig Hegland
Title: Owner/Founder/Master Fabricator


Craig Hegland is the other founder and owner of Fluid MotorUnion.  He heads the fabrication department while OJ heads up service.  He, too, studied at WyoTech, taking classes in both automotive service as well as fabrication.  Upon graduation, he took classes specializing in Audi vehicles, and soon moved to a few Chicagoland dealerships, including Perillo.  Once OJ left Perillo to focus on Fluid MotorUnion, Craig would follow in OJ’s footsteps soon thereafter.

When he’s not managing the other members of the fabrication department, Craig is stepping in on jobs to help whenever he can.  As a certified welder, he was the first member of our team to push for welding standards far above comparable fabrication shops.  He can make everything out of anything and have it look world-class.


Favorite car? Peterbilt

Chris Sievers
Title:  Office Manager


Chris, a long-time friend of OJ’s, originally joined the FMU team to oversee our online sales for both new and used parts.  However, he has since moved to the front office, where he manages the shop and works with Marilynn to ensure customer support and satisfaction. Chris also is also our head service writer so it’s highly likely that when you call or visit, you’ll be talking to Chris.


Favorite car? 1994 Buick LeSabre

Mike Marzano
Title: Brand Ambassador


Mike is one of the first official members of the FMU team.  After originally working with OJ and Craig at Perillo BMW, he was offered a job at Fluid in 2008.  His original tasks were overseeing online part sales and the image of Fluid MotorUnion, both online and locally.  Since then, his responsibilities have shifted mostly to marketing and branding.  His ability to jump into any project headfirst makes him a great vehicle to help bolster the motivation of his coworkers.


He’s also deeply involved in product development, ECU tuning and customer relations.  In short, he’s a man of many talents.  Currently he’s focusing on a new distribution branch of FMU, as well as everything else he does in a given day.


Favorite car? Porsche GT3RS

Mike Keller
Title: General Manager


Mike Keller is the longest-standing employee of Fluid MotorUnion, aside from the owners.  He heads the service department alongside OJ, and has proven time and again that his determination and skill in problem solving are factors that have proven helpful to the growth of the company.


Known typically by his last name only, Keller has his automotive degree from Lincoln Tech, and was a co-worker with OJ at Perillo BMW in Chicago.  He is our resident Lamborghini specialist and holds a wide range of ASE certifications and is both Saab and BMW certified, as well.


Favorite car? Maserati Quattroporte

Ed Linchester
Title:  Technician


Ed is our resident Porsche expert that has been a part of the Fluid family for a number of years now. After finishing his degree at WyoTech, he started working in a Chevrolet dealership.  From there, he changed from dealerships to independent service shops, where he’s been involved with the industry for over 25 years.  He has his ASE Master Technician certification, and continues to take classes on new and emerging technologies.  As a fan of modified cars, Ed brings his enthusiasm to FMU, just as much as he brings his vast experience.


Favorite car? 1968 Dodge Hemi Charger

Jason Gaca


From an early age Jason was always interested in cars, always working on his parents cars. This led to taking some automotive classes in high school which ultimately turned into a passion and a career in the automotive industry. After graduating from the College of Dupage in Automotive Service Technology, Jason was talking to a few friends that worked at European automotive shops that all loved the type of work they were doing which led to a job hunt. After searching the web, Jason found Fluid MotorUnion which turned out to be exactly what he was looking for and the rest is history.


Favorite Car? VW Rabbit MK1

Marilynn Lopez
Title: Shop Mom


Marilynn is OJ’s mother and the official ‘shop mom.’  She currently heads the front office and is most likely the first person you will see upon entering Fluid MotorUnion.  She began her career as a registered nurse, eventually choosing to open her own nursing business, which saw great success.  Her sharp business acumen has proven paramount to the growth of the company thus far.  She’s here before everyone else in the morning, and leaves after everybody else at night.