Sometimes We Weld Things

Sometimes We Weld Things

The title is correct…sort of. It’s not a “sometimes” occurrence at Fluid MotorUnion; it’s an everyday thing. As regular as sunrise and sunset.

And welding will definitely be returning to the forefront this week, as we’re finishing up the next E39 M5 axle-back system that will be shipped overseas. Before we get into the NEXT axle-back (which will be heading to the old country as well), we’ll be checking out the midsection work that’s been taking place this week on Bob’s brand new F07 550ix GT. In the meantime, though, let’s make like a true post about weld porn — pictures, pictures, pictures! Nobody reads welding porn for the articles, let’s get real.


And, as a bonus, we have a picture of Zach. He’s not really welding, but he is using a gas-powered heat source to teach us a valuable lesson about freeing up those pesky rusted bolts you encounter from time to time. A giant spray bottle of water and an acetylene torch will allow the metal to expand and contract within its resting spot, helping it to break free of the iron oxide surrounding it, giving you a bolt that actually works! Magic! Well, not magic, just fire. Lots and lots of fire. There are a million more precautions you need to take that we haven’t mentioned, as well, so don’t go torching a bolt that holds your fuel pump in place and blame it on us when you and your car are exploded all over the driveway.


On that somber note, see you tomorrow!

  • Patrick
    Posted at 21:11h, 08 March

    This just made my day, after looking at a bunch of E39 exhaust systems there is no comparison. Please tell me your using pulsed tig on this, it just looks phenomenal.

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 08:10h, 09 March


    This *is* created using backpurged TIG welding. We appreciate the kind comments! If you have any further inquiry about the product, shoot us an e-mail at!

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