So Fresh And So Clean

So Fresh And So Clean

To cap off the week, we’ll be returning to the spring cleaning theme with a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new.

First up, we have a little exotic fare for today’s FMU blog post. It’s never a bad day when a black-and-yellow Lamborghini Gallardo rolls on in.


Sadly, the Gallardo wasn’t here for a new exhaust system that would cause it to spit fire that would shame a full-grown dragon. Instead, his trip to Fluid involved us helping him get his power to the ground in a more effective manner. If brevity is more of your hang, then I guess you could say we’re swapping tires. Out with the old Pirelli P-Zeros, and in with the new Michelin Pilot Super Sports! To call the rear tires wide would be a smidge of an understatement.


Once the Gallardo came in and we inspected it, we tossed ‘er up onto the lift, removed the tires and brought them over to the breakdown machine so work could begin.


His tires weren’t 110% cooked yet, but better safe than sorry. Especially if you end up in the midst of a random rainstorm; nothing is worse than having zero traction in an adverse condition. Especially when you have to deal with Chicago drivers, most of whom will smash the brakes upon the first raindrop hitting their windshield. No matter, though, as he is all set to tackle the pavement with his new, super sticky setup.


In other “fresh and clean” news, we found ourselves with a lovely present a couple days ago — freshly hot tanked S62 engine components, namely the heads and block. Gold Wheels will be back in action sooner than you might think; once we have all the parts in place, it’s just a matter of rote reassembly. We’re already cleaning and prepping every other part for reassembly; that way, when the remaining parts arrive, it shouldn’t be a terribly long procedure to put Gold Wheels back on the road.


Finally, we have a small animal nest atop the valve cover of a customer’s Mazda3 wagon. Yes, we know this is neither fresh nor clean, but screw it, it’s interesting and we wanted to show it to you. With this twist like this right at the end, you’d think we hired M. Night Shyamalan to write this thing.


And that’s it for this week! Come back next week for…well, your humble narrator isn’t entirely sure what next week’s blog will be like, but there’s one thing I *can* guarantee. No matter how it’s written or structured, the pictures will still convey Fluid MotorUnion’s dedication to perfection in both service and performance fabrication. That’s something that won’t be going anywhere, so stay tuned, you’ve got an exciting new road ahead of you! Have a great weekend!

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