Do I Really Need Winter Tires in Naperville?

Do I Really Need Winter Tires in Naperville?

There are many factors that can go into the decision of buying winter tires in Naperville. Where you live, what the vehicle is used for, and budget are just a few. Ultimately, most tires can be broken down into one of three categories: summer, all-season, and winter.  For where you live; some places such as parts of California or Florida rarely see snow, or even freezing temperatures. Whereas in some places in the Midwest, you can see all four seasons in the same week. Some people that see all 4 seasons have 2 sets of tires, a summer set, and a winter set.

Snow tires really do make a huge difference; however, they will not make you a better driver. The best lessons I learned about driving in the snow were from driving in adverse conditions with bad tires. A competent driver will be ok, with or without them. They should not be used as a way to increase your speed and confidence.

Let’s get to the point and answer the question as directly as possible. Yes, if you will be required to drive in even adverse winter weather conditions, then investing in a set of snow tires is a smart idea, regardless of your budget. So yes winter tires in Naperville are probably a good idea. But obviously, the full answer is much more complicated. 

A good all-season tire can be an alright compromise if you don’t want to swap out tires twice a year. However if you can afford to run high-performance, summer tires on a vehicle, you better be able to afford winter tires. I would recommend them for a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, but not 100% necessary for front-wheel drive or AWD/4X4. But if you look at it this way – the investment can be really worth it — $1000 for snow tires or $5,000+ in body repairs.

Price seems to be people’s biggest concern when it comes to buying winter tires.“I just won’t go out in the snow” or “I will just drive really careful” are things we tell ourselves when the needle starts to drop on the thermometer. For a given size of tire, price can fluctuate drastically. From just doing a random search on TireRack for example, choosing a random size and looking at the price range, comes up with $64-$287 per tire spread. That’s a chunk of change!  We understand that times are rough, and an additional set of tires and wheels may seem like a luxury, but a smart one that can make your life easier and keep you safe.

If you are looking for winter tires in Naperville, and need someone you can trust to do the installation with care, then come check us out!

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