Ready To Run

Ready To Run

It’s getting warmer, so naturally, more and more drivers are getting ready to put their cars back on the road. Here’s two of them.

First up is Ken’s E60 M5. We had a near-miss with drag racing at Byron (in Rockford) this weekend, as the weather called for rain up until that morning, and of course it never came. That said, he did come down to FMU to take his car out for a spin, as he hadn’t tried it out with the stacks and the additional power, and he was blown away. So, hopefully that will translate to some proper race results once we hit the strip! In the meantime, we mounted his new Hoosier drag slicks to his Apex wheels, which he uses exclusively for drag racing. Hopefully we’ll have some on-track photos and video for you soon!


And now it’s video time! The following video is another quick look at one of the recent cars to hit our Dyno Dynamics dyno. This E46 M3 was first in our shop for the Turner Motorsport subframe reinforcement upgrade, which we chronicled as a three-part DIY on our website. Once that was done, the owner was looking for a little extra power to go with his newly strengthened chassis, so we brought it to the dyno for a custom alpha-n ECU tune.

The video shows the vehicle once the tune has been applied; since there were no additions to the M3’s parts, the sound profile didn’t change much (if at all) between the pre- and post-tune runs. Its current modification list isn’t long, but it’s enough to give a little power and sound bump: K&N intake, Euro headers and Euro midsection. This M3 started off with a strong baseline, as some motors are known to do (aka the “factory freaks”), so while the power gains aren’t stratospheric, it still showed a proper jump in power, with the potential for higher gains on cars that don’t have this strong of an initial showing.

Also, the car rises like that so the rear wheel only contacts the frontmost dyno roller. The rear half of the roller isn’t measuring anything (the front measures tractive effort, which is translated into torque and then power), and any power transferred through it results in a slight parasitic effect on the overall power measurement, so for the sake of accuracy, we allow the vehicle to rise onto just that frontmost roller. Anyways, enjoy!

(UPDATE) In terms of power, this car started off strong as we said, putting down 284.5 rwhp. After the tune, the car gained approximately 11 rwhp and 10 rwtq.

Since the weather is improving daily, we should have even more video coming out soon for a few different builds we have going on in the shop! Have a great start to your week and stay tuned!

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