Questions And Answers

Questions And Answers

Today’s blog post covers a good amount of work happening all around the garage, and you may have some questions. So we’ve got some answers.

It’s more of a FAQ-based prompt than it is anything else. Mostly because describing pictures in the standard format is getting a bit tired, but also because some of you may genuinely have these questions, and we’re fans of answering questions. So, that being said, let’s kick it off:

Q: Ooh, this looks new. What is it, and why’s it on the dyno?

A: Well, even though that’s technically two questions, we’ll answer both for you. What you see here is a E64 M6. It’s the cabriolet variant of the 6-series, with BMW’s crazy V10 crammed under the hood. Powered through the SMG auto-assisted manual transmission, it’s a beast in and of itself. But the owner of this car already has several Dinan options, both cosmetic and go-fast-related. He’s come to us to see about the next step in this car’s performance. We’re putting some ideas together now, so expect to see this car back on the blog for some pretty serious upgrades in the future.


Q: How’s the WRX LS-swap coming along? And what’s with that weird bend in the fourth cylinder’s runner on the driver side?

A: Again, two questions. You don’t understand this format very well, do you? Either way, the swap is coming along nicely. Using our “header LEGOs,” we’ve plotted out the routing for the driver’s side header, and we should be cutting and welding those runners very soon. Good question about that bend. If you notice in the pictures, there’s a metal bar that goes in-between the two rearmost runners. That’s actually the steering shaft, which we actually had to fabricate to be less of an issue. Seeing as how WRXs aren’t designed with the LS-series V8 in mind, the steering shaft had much more room to be big and annoying than it used to. Even with this current modification, there needs to be a bit of moving-around in the rearmost runner to clear it without problem. But we made it work!


Q: Is that Hyundai Genesis of yours still for sale?

A: Why, yes it is! It’s $22,000 or best offer, and you can find a full write-up here:


Q: What’s up with Kris Boss’s M3? It’s been, like, a whole day since you’ve posted anything.

A: Currently, it’s in the maintenance side of things, having its rear passenger-side axle replaced. Upon inspection, the axle was in not-so-hot condition, and since we had the time with the car, we figured it would be a wise addition at this time. He’ll definitely feel more confident on the road after this — there was a lot of play in the last axle, and it was looking a bit grody, as well.


Q: Ooh, sparks! What are these pictures from?

A: They’re from two different jobs also taking place in fabrication at the moment. We’re on the hush about them until a later blog post, but for now, enjoy the sparks.


Q: Uh…what the hell?

A: You can blame Tom for this one. On his personal Z32 project, he needed a 3″ section of stainless steel pipe with a bend of a tighter radius than is offered through our steel distributors. As a result, pie cuts were the way to go. If you know our welds, you knew this would come out looking pretty neat. Which we believe it did, hence its appearance on the blog.


Stay cool! This heat’s getting pretty crazy.

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