Putting On Airs

Putting On Airs

Today, as we promised, we’re moving away from the WRX to bring you action from other corners of FMU HQ.

One of the larger projects we have in service at the moment is this Audi A4. The owner has taken great lengths to modify his car in small, subtle ways that give it a bit of an imported-from-Europe vibe. Now, that subtlety is changing, with the help of BBS, AccuAir and Bagyard Bombers. The latter two companies are represented in this lovely box, which contains all the workings of an air suspension system. While he won’t be taking it to the track with this specific set of bags, he’ll be able to roll as low as he wants without any of the risks inherent with a static setup. Whether you’re a fan of bags or static on your personal ride, you can’t deny that both schools of suspension have their ups and downs. He’s also replacing a few other suspension components, as well, including SPC adjustable control arms and a new sway bar bracket.


To save some labor (and to keep us from having to remove whole parts of the interior), the owner’s already run much of the electrical wiring himself. Now, obviously we’ll be checking it as we go to make sure it’s wired in correctly, but with the level of vehicle care put forth by this owner, we’re confident that he nailed it. Otherwise, our first step is installing the bags in the front and rear of the vehicle, then working on the level sensors and other wires from there.


Earlier, we mentioned BBS, and you might be wondering where they come in. Well, the A4 won’t be rolling on stock wheels and winter tires much longer, as we have a set of BBS wheels and some sticky Yokohama Advan rubber to surround it. Good rubber is always important if you want to be safe. Take that last sentence however you’d like. While you’re trying to determine just how many levels that joke operates on, here are some pictures of the wheels as they’re being mounted to the new tires. This car’s look is going to change radically once everything is complete.


Seeing as how we still have ECUs to connect and tanks to mount for the A4’s bag setup, we’ll have more pictures coming soon on that front. In the meantime, it’s back to the daily grind for us. That being said, our type of grind may be a bit different than the rest.


Have a great weekend!

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