W204 C63 Exhaust – Midsection with X-Pipe


Fluid MotorUnion is proud to announce the arrival of our W204 C63 Exhaust Midsection. This new and improved track midsection is a direct BOLT IN fit and can be attached directly to your stock header flanges, as well as your stock mufflers. This midsection deletes the cats* and replaces the primary resonator with a smooth merge X-Pipe. While there is a definite increase in volume and aggressive tone, this system allows you to retain the secondary resonator to help keep the drone under control. This makes it the perfect middle ground for someone who wants more aggressive and raw sound than stock but is not looking for a full header-back exhaust system. Not to mention full off-the-shelf exhaust systems run upwards of $4,500 without installation, and handmade systems run close to double that. Like all of our fabrication work, the C63 Midsection comes with our lifetime warranty. 


*This system is not emissions compliant in the state of Illinois and is for off-road track use only.


High flow racing cats can be added to this exhaust system for $699. To add high flow cats, just select them from our online store and add them to your cart before you check out. 

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FMU Midsection and OEM rear Mufflers and Resonators with our crackle tune
C63 AMG Exhaust Midsection #2

Sure the sound is amazing, but the C63 W204 Exhaust Midsection also improves real-life performance. Before and after testing on our Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer revealed a ~28WHP and ~25 lb-ft power gain over stock WITHOUT any ECU tuning. That is a massive gain on a naturally aspirated car without any tuning. Combine our midsection with some high flow intakes and a 93 octane or E85 tune and you can see some seriously impressive HP numbers out of these cars.

C63 AMG Exhaust Dyno
28 WHP on Pump 93

The FMU W204 C63 AMG Midsection is designed to be a direct bolt-in modification for all 2008-2015 C63 AMGs equipped with the N/A 6.2-liter M156 engine. This includes the Sedan, Coupe… and yes the Black Edition models as well.

Test fitting the exhaust before pulling it down for final welds

Those of you who follow our fabrication department know the drill. This masterpiece is hand-built in-house by Billy, whose 10+ years of experience fabricating for the top nascar teams in the country gives him the knowledge and precision to build you the best of the best. Using all T304 surgical grade stainless steel, and back purging the TIG welds means this midsection is built to the same standards as our supercar exhausts.

C63 AMG Exhaust Midsection

Planning for this midsection began back in November when we built a one-off special exhaust system for Alex from LegitStreetCars on YouTube. We wanted to offer a more affordable, but still badass version of this system to the public in the form of our midsection.

Alex’s car is lowered, which means each bend had to be engineered perfectly to keep the exhaust up in the car as much as possible. That means that for those of you who are lowered, this midsection is a safe bet, as it fits exactly inside the stock locations, despite the pipes being a half-inch wider diameter!

C63 AMG Exhaust Midsection sitting in the Jig

The FMU W204 C63 AMG Midsection is priced at $2,100.00 USD plus tax and shipping, and like all of our fabrication work, comes with our lifetime warranty. However, this is special introductory pricing and will not last long!

*This system is not emissions compliant in the state of Illinois and is for off-road track use only.

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