E60 M5 & E63 M6 Performance Headers S85 Engine


A high-quality budget-friendly alternative option to a set of full headers. These modified OEM manifolds deliver the V10 sound and performance you are looking for – without breaking the bank. Constructed from surgical grade T304 stainless steel, back purged and tig welded. 40WHP gain with a 93 octane tune. Please select cat* and core options before adding to the cart.


*Not Carb certified may not be legal for use on emissions controlled vehicles; intended for off-road/competition use onlyCatalytic converter removal may result in a check engine light.


Since there are not a lot of quality E60 M5 headers available on the market, and we needed a set for a customer’s car, we decided to craft our own! since both the E60 M5 and M6 utilize BMW’s S85 V10 engine, the exhaust headers are identical so our system fits both cars. Our goal in making these E60 M5 headers was to create an affordable yet high-quality header, that increased performance and unleashed the full sound from these high revving V10 beasts. To do this we actually utilized the original exhaust manifold since it features equal length runners from the factory, and removed the catalytic converter, which is the biggest performance restriction in these cars. Due to the higher flow capability, Our headers in combination with our custom tune added 40 wheel HP.

We refinished and polished the manifold, and replaced the cat with TIG welded 304 stainless steel 3″ piping. By using the OEM manifold and just replacing the catalytic converters we can ensure they fit stock measurements allowing the use of either the OEM exhaust or an aftermarket system. These headers can be ceramic coated for an additional cost.

E60 M5 Headers (OEM)

OEM Exhaust Header


E60 M5 Headers (New)

Finished FMU Performance Header




High-Quality Craftsmanship – TIG Welded and Back Purged


40 WHP Gain with Tun

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