Paint It Black

Paint It Black

Two-tone color schemes have been the rage for years, and will continue to be for some time. In that aesthetic, this CLS55 AMG fits right at home.

If you think you’re seeing double, you’re correct. We featured a couple shots of the CLS in an earlier blog post, but with the sun setting the other day, presenting a good opportunity for a mini photo shoot, we just had to post it up again for everybody to check out. This specific color of CLS shown here, the burgundy-like Carneolrot Pearl, looks decent with the various chrome trims on the car. This paint absolutely pops, though, when it’s mated with a much more subdued satin-black replacing the chrome. That’s what the owner was looking for, so that’s what we did. Let’s take a gander at the various pieces we painted, as there are quite a few of them around the car.


But first, let’s see what it looks like with the air suspension in the “to the sky” position. Why are we seeing it like this, you ask? Well, your intrepid photog didn’t think to lower the car before shooting the first round of pictures. Hence the 4×4 wheel gap.


First, we painted the OEM sidemarkers the same color as the body. Not only does this eliminate the unsightly orange corners from the car, but it also keeps the color scheme as close to two-tone as possible. Furthermore, it’s a much more reversible way of shaving and painting over the holes for the corner markers (like we did with our E90). Win-win!


In the rear, we painted the trim above the license plate, along with the trim above the exhaust tips. Not content with just those two items, we also went ahead and painted the exhaust tips in the same fashion.


Up front, we painted the grille. This alone is one of the most striking pieces to paint on the whole vehicle. Mostly because it’s the largest overall piece to change, but also because it’s a very menacing front end as it is. The 5.5 Kompressor motor just behind that grill isn’t messing around either.


On the sides, we painted the door handles to match the body, and we also painted the trim around the windows to match the satin black up front and out back.


Finally, we move to the wheels. Not only were the wheels painted the same satin black, but the rotors were also painted silver to match the calipers. The change is subtle, and it really doesn’t take away from the much darker, post-paint appearance, but it’s the little things that we enjoy the most.


Overall, the removal of the chrome around the car takes away much of the “look at me” aspect of the vehicle. The flat/satin black gives it a look that screams “run from me” instead. Overall, it’s a change for the meaner, and we’re pretty damn happy with the way it turned out.


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