Nick’s M3 Returns for a Dyno Re-tune!

Nick’s M3 Returns for a Dyno Re-tune!

Nick’s Alpine White E46 M3 returned to FMU yesterday for a dyno re-tune, so naturally we broke out the camera.


The following video is a quick one, shot this week with Nick’s E46 M3 on our Dyno Dynamics dyno, as he receives a remote re-tune from Sal at Evolve.

The cutouts remained closed for the entirety of the run, so as to minimize any side effects that may affect the dyno graphs. However, in the fly-by at the end of the video, he does run with the cutouts open.

The first run was done in third gear for a comparison against fourth gear. With his upgraded differential gears, fourth provides a more consistent data set and is closer to a 1:1 ratio than third gear. It makes the climb a bit slower, and the resultant exhaust sounds a bit quieter (especially in relation to the sound of the dyno rollers).

Furthermore, if you’re wondering about the climbing during the dyno runs, it is done to provide the most accurate torque information to the dyno, which in turn produces more accurate data on the dyno readouts. The rear roller does not transmit tractive effort to the computer, so any power transmitted to that rear roller is power technically lost.

We ran out of camera battery, so we only did a couple fly-by shots. On an upcoming weekend, FMU and Nick will get together for a more comprehensive video featuring in-car sound, as well as more shots taken on the road.

Overall, Nick made just under 15 whp on his re-tune, which included a few extra modifications from the last time he came to the shop. Intake temps were crazy high during our runs, as it’s been relentlessly hot in Illinois, so we expect a greater gain once the temperature drops a bit.

Here’s the video! Enjoy, and we’ll have even more video content for you soon!

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