Murci Me

Murci Me

We’ll just skip right past the obvious Kanye West reference….wait, does that right there count? Crap.

Not too long ago, we received a call from a local pre-owned car dealership in Addison, Auto Gallery Chicago, regarding some maintenance work for one of their cars, a Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster. Now, this isn’t the LP 640 Murciélago — that was the second generation. This was before Lamborghini started adding numbers and letters into their names, thankfully, back when it was just the Murci. Its name comes from a very exceptional bullfighting bull (in following with Lamborghini tradition) that reportedly survived 28 sword strokes back in the 19th century. Whether it’s true or not, the bull on this blog is definitely living up to the namesake — aside from being the size of a yacht (or Honey Boo Boo’s mother; they’re about the same), it comes equipped with a 6.2L V12 motor capable of 572 bhp transferred to the ground through an all-wheel-drive system. In short, this car will screw with your notions of physics. This specific model is the Roadster, which means it has an open top that’s occasionally covered by a somewhat awkward-looking roof panel that will fly off the car at triple-digit speeds (hence the warning on the inside of the soft top).


In stock form, this car is definitely beastly. Tack on a few performance modifications, however, and it starts turning into something even more devilish. The previous owner of this car found it fit to attach a set of 360 Forged split 5-spoke wheels on each corner. Aesthetics weren’t the only thing in mind, though, as they also installed a Lorini exhaust to send the volume up to eleven. Hell, maybe it even goes higher than eleven; we haven’t checked, since we’re not about to sit around and rev a car when there’s work to be done.


Oh yes, there’s a good chunk of work to get done on this raging bull. Not only are we replacing spark plugs and coilpacks on the whole motor due to some misfires, but also we’re replacing the clutch on its e-Gear automated sequential transmission. The book time for this job is in the 40-hour range, as it requires a bit of deft maneuvering to get to the fun part. Therefore, seeing as how this is a relatively intensive job, we’ll be covering it with a bit of extra scrutiny; this way, you lovely readers be given good looks at a job that isn’t often covered in the Fluid fashion, if at all. We’re looking forward to getting underway, and the clutch should be arriving here at any moment from our good friends at Exotic Clutch Technologies.


All in all, this should be a great series for the Fluid MotorUnion blog, so stay tuned for updates with a little bit of Italian flavor, along with the other projects we currently have in the shop. Have a great day!


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