Meth-in’ Around

Meth-in’ Around

No, we don’t mean “meth” meth. We’re referring to water-meth injection.

Before we start with the water-meth injection, let’s remember that MFest is quickly approaching. With about 16 days left until we leave, everybody is kicking themselves into high gear to make sure everything is done. We’re just about finished with the M Roadster’s new modifications, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down in the least bit. To somehow tie a picture into this blurb, here is part of the scene currently surrounding the Roady:


And now, on to the main event. For those not in the know, water-methanol injection (or water-meth, if you’re looking to make an easy joke) is a method for cooling the combustion chamber of a vehicle’s engine. This cooling allows for greater compression ratios and greatly decreases the chance of detonation occurring in the combustion chamber. Since this process effectively increases the octane rating of the fuel, there are some good performance gains to be had when combining this with a forced induction setup (i.e. turbocharger or supercharger systems), and various tuning parameters (altering spark, etc.). Given that the S5 cabriolet is supercharged, we figured this would be a great product to develop. So far, we’re just waiting on the pumps to arrive, but everything in the meantime is set up on this car. We’ve got the tanks in place now; from this first shot, you might not even notice where the tank has found residence:


Once you look in that second section of the engine bay, towards the firewall, you’ll just begin to see it. We found what is probably the most perfect spot for this tank. As for the second one, that’s a secret. You’ll have to torture it out of us.


The S5 is going to be coming together this week, as we strap on some coilovers, add some new wheels and get it ready to be given back to its owner. It’s going to be exciting!

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  • DC
    Posted at 17:17h, 04 April

    The tank looks perfect there; it actually looks like it has always been in that spot. The craftsmanship looks great and reading you description sounds like some real improved performance will be gained as well.
    You guys need to post this on the various Audi blogs someday soon. WELL DONE!
    A satisfied customer

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