Mercedes Lift Kit – We Actually Took It Off-Road and It Didn’t Break?!

Mercedes Lift Kit – We Actually Took It Off-Road and It Didn’t Break?!

If you have been following the FMU social media, and watching LegitStreetCars on Youtube, then you know we have been in the process of building some off-road products for a Mercedes ML55 AMG. On Thursday night we stayed late and wrapped up the build which consisted of a Mercedes lift kit, custom off-road front bumper with lights and winch, custom shock and struts, custom spare tire mount, and custom rock rings.

Friday morning at 8 AM we departed for Drummond Island which is Michigan’s largest closed-loop off-road park. The Mercedes lift kit and off-road bumpers came in handy providing a lot of extra ground clearance. The ML tackled every single obstacle and held its own against modified Jeep Rubicon’s (which come stock with diff lockers), built Ford Raptors, and side by sides. Check out the pictures and teaser video below.

Mercedes lift Kit
Mercedes Lift Kit

Be sure to stay tuned to the LegitStreetCars Youtube Channel, and our Social Media for more upcoming videos covering how well the Mercedes lift kit performed on the trails! R&D for the lift kit took a long time and we worked through a lot of different options, keep your eye out as we will be releasing this product as a kit available to the public soon!

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