McLaren Oil Change

McLaren Oil Change

Do you need a McLaren oil change? Are you looking for a quality Mclaren Service center that is more cost-effective than the dealership? The local Chicagoland McLaren dealership is a great place to have your pride and joy serviced. But with expensive brands comes expensive maintenance costs, and often there is something we like to call the supercar tax associated with higher-end exotics. This results in customers paying a high price without receiving an equally high-end product in return. Here at Fluid MotorUnion, we service luxury vehicles of all makes and models, and we are proud to offer high-end services at a fair price. We have experience working on the MP4-12c, 570s, 600LT, 650S, 675LT, 720S, 765LT, Senna, P1, and more. We never upsell products or services, and we include a detailed inspection with every oil change. That way you always know the condition of your vehicle and can choose what services you want to have done.

McLaren oil change

McLaren Oil Change Service:

Oil changes should be changed every 6500 miles, or once per year, whichever comes first. We typically recommend our customers complete their oil change service before moving their vehicle into winter storage. That way your engine internal components are all coated in the fresh minerals and additives before they sit. We only use OEM McLaren oil filters and O-rings. Our oil of choice is Motul 0w-40 Full Synthetic, which actually carries even more complete protection than the Mobile 1 that McLaren recommends. Each and every oil change service also includes our renowned digital inspection. This inspection report is a way for our technicians to communicate with you about the condition of your McLaren. Our trained technicians will check all the fluids, brake system, suspension components, body, etc and you will receive pictures, notes, and recommendations. The best part about this service is that we do it at cost, which means depending on your model, filter cost, and oil capacity you can expect to pay somewhere between $180-$250 in total. And we can even clear your McLaren service reminder.

McLaren Service Reminder Present and Exceded
McLaren oil change
McLaren Service Reminder Reset

Other McLaren Services

Fluid MotorUnion can take care of more than just your oil changes! We have experience with many other services including flushes, spark plugs, battery replacements, brake and tire replacements, etc along with complicated diagnoses. We also offer all kinds of performance upgrades. Whether it’s dyno tuning or custom exhausts – we’ve got you covered!

Custom Smooth Merge X-Pipe Exhaust for McLaren 720s
FMU Custom Exhaust and Downpipes Thermal Coated for Added Performance

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