Liquid Awesome

Liquid Awesome

As much as this title describes the effects of consuming certain quantities of alcohol, this post has nothing to do with that.

However, the target of this blog post would be the last thing we did on Friday night, meaning that this was the last job standing in the way of our consumption of liquid awesome, but our priorities laid elsewhere at the time. You see, it was time to do an in-house install of one of our FMU E39 M5 Rear Sections. More than half (in fact, almost all) of our E39 M5 Rear Sections are shipped off to owners across the globe, so we don’t get to watch the installation process take place. This all changed at the end of last week, as a beautiful Liquid Blue Metallic (get the title now?) E39 M5 was coming to the shop for a necessary sound upgrade. Before he arrived, however, we laid everything in place around the lift we’d be using, in order to minimize the time required of the client.


As soon as the M5 rolled into the shop, we got to work taking it over to fabrication and putting it up on the lift. With everything already in place, the owner came over to the garage to watch everything go down.


The first step, since nothing else can really happen until this takes place, is to remove the old mufflers from right around the differential. A couple quick cuts, and they’re out. Look at those things. They’re huge! You could hide at least fifteen, maybe twenty kilos of your drug of choice in the bumper instead! Compared to the FMU setup, those mufflers are positively planetary in size. That’s part of the reason why the FMU E39 M5 Rear Section helps shed about 32 pounds off your M5’s sprung weight.


With the least fun part of the job finished, we set about taking the fun part to task — installation and fitment.


Wow, thanks, Jay. Real class act we got here. What a guy.


After the installation of the Rear Section, we noticed something was amiss. Everything was installed in the order we normally do it, but for some reason the tips were not as centered as we’d liked. At this point, we took to searching for an answer. After the rear section was briefly uninstalled, we found an issue with the installation of the OEM exhaust from the last place it was taken. A quick adjustment to that, followed by reinstallation of the FMU Rear Section, and everything lined up perfectly.


Now, the owner lives rather far away from Fluid MotorUnion — Round Lake, IL, to be exact. Seeing as how it’s 66.1 miles away from our shop, according to Google Maps, we didn’t force him to stick around after the installation finished. After all, that small bit of time devoted to hunting down the problem with the OEM exhaust already caused a slight slowdown, so we didn’t want to make him wait for a full photoshoot to commence. For that reason, we snapped a couple quick shots of this car out in the lot before it headed off into the sunset (literally — the sun was setting). From his post on, he sounds thoroughly ecstatic with the product, and we were glad to have him in the shop for the installation.


If you have any questions regarding our FMU E39 M5 Rear Section, feel free to call the shop (815-230-2900) or shoot an e-mail to! Have a great start to your week!

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