It’s Almost A Car Again

It’s Almost A Car Again

The yellow 914 is coming back together, so it’s time for another status update!

When we last left this car earlier in the year, it was still in a very raw form, without much if anything connected to the freshly painted shell. Well, today, let’s start combing through the Fluid MotorUnion archives and get you closer to the present day. Vern started by reassembling the exterior details such as the front lights and Porsche-branded engine cover. We painted the light housings in a fresh coat of flat black to keep everything looking minty fresh.


The parts reinstallation/replacement didn’t stop there, however. After some serious cleaning, we reinstalled the door cards, as well as the rubber seals for the trunk and other parts of the vehicle.


At the same time, while Vern continued to put the 914 back together, one of our technician started getting the engine into better shape. Mechanically speaking, it’s all well and good, but if you look at it, it’s a little past its aesthetic prime.


Since the car has been more or less brought back to factory rollout condition, we figured it would be beneficial to give the engine a bit of a freshening up. So we rolled the motor over to the other side of the garage and gave it a thorough power-washing. At the same time, we removed and painted some of the engine parts that can be seen from above once it’s installed in the car.


Once the engine was cleaned and painted, we set it back underneath the 914, and with a good degree of precision, we were able to worm the engine assembly back into its proper home. It’s good to the see the motor back in. As we said in the title, it’s almost an entire car again!


There still exists a handful of interior details to reassemble, so we should have at least one more post for you before the grand finale. In the meantime, have a great day and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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