Lambo Exhaust Video, C55 AMG Racing Seat install, N52 Engine Replacement, Bad Angel Eye Job, Z32 Dimple Die

We Install Status racing seats into all street cars Naperville

Lambo Exhaust Video, C55 AMG Racing Seat install, N52 Engine Replacement, Bad Angel Eye Job, Z32 Dimple Die

Okay, today’s title is a bit of a stretch, but there’s no fun in playing it safe 100% of the time.

First up, we have the suede. You may remember a set of black-on-black Stätus Ring GT seats that we had on the blog a while back. Well, they were shipped to us in error, as our client Anthony was going to be installing them in Tennessee. After reboxing everything and shipping them off, Anthony had them installed and was nice enough to send us some pictures. He has a real race inspiration behind his C55 AMG, and we’re glad to see these seats contributing to that aesthetic. They look fantastic, and hats off once again to Anthony for sending the pictures!


Next up, we have the booze. Well, not really. Instead, we have Tom’s Z32 Nissan 300ZX back on the blog as he’s finished the final step prior to laying down primer in his custom-fabricated engine bay, complete with tubbing and a few extra surprises. Last night, he finalized the brace at the front of the engine bay, welding it into place, then sanding it down and applying body filler as necessary. The rest of the bay is ready for primer, so as soon as he puts the finishing touches on the front brace here, it’ll be good to go. We can’t wait to see what it looks like with a monochrome look. Even when we’re not working, we’re still doing cool things.


Now it’s time for the glue. And fear not, there’s lots of it — but not in a good way. We typically don’t recommend or perform angel eye upgrades for cars, as we feel it’s not often worth the risk of opening and resealing the headlights. Well, this has manifested itself at the shop this week, as a customer came in with their E60. You see, they opted for an angel eye upgrade from a company that does all the “work” themselves. When the lights were returned, however, the sealant was not applied very well, and now the customer has condensation issues inside the bulb. The sealant this company used was slathered (and we mean slathered) all around the lamp; there’s glue smeared across a large swath of unnecessary space, and they missed several gaps between the lens cover and the headlamp assembly, contributing to this moisture buildup. When your headlights cost $1000 each to replace, sometimes it’s best to choose a different aesthetic to alter. Especially if the company you go with isn’t going to make an attempt to seal the light correctly and with the precision and quality of OEM.


Finally (well, finally for pictures, not for video), we have that other E60 in the shop receiving a heart transplant. We’ve now removed everything from both the intake and exhaust sides of the motor, and we should have the blown motor off its subframe later today. Progress is moving along at the speed of light, so we’ll keep you covered.


Okay, who’s ready for some video? We’ve had this one tucked away for a while, but now that we’re about ready to release the product for purchase on the open market, we figured we’d release a short teaser. If you like Lamborghinis, fireballs, and our old Lamborghini exhaust video, you will love our latest minute-long blast to your sense of hearing. This is our FMU Lamborghini Gallardo full exhaust, complete with cat-delete megaphones (an optional add-on, since we know some people prefer to leave their cats in place for roadgoing operations). If you have any questions about the kit after watching the video, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at and we’ll help answer your queries. Now enjoy some Formula 1-like sounds:

Have an excellent weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

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