For Sale: 2000 Mercedes S430 – $5k OBO

For Sale: 2000 Mercedes S430 – $5k OBO

A customer asked us to put their car up for sale, so we figured we’d help them out. This is their 2000 Mercedes S430.


This S430 comes equipped with Mercedes’s 4.3L V8 motor, putting down 279 hp. The mileage is currently 261,304 and may rise if the owner drives it. In terms of creature comforts, the car comes with the wood trim and leather seats expected in a Mercedes, along with a sunroof, front seat heaters, navigation system and dual-zone climate control. Also, despite what you may think based on the doors, the undercarriage is more or less perfect. It runs superbly and shifts great for its mileage (it’s the original transmission).

We’ve also done a good deal of service/maintenance work to it, including the following parts replacements and fluid changes:

• Valve cover gaskets
• Spark plugs
• Idler pulley
• Belt replacement
• Fully synthetic oil change
• Coolant flush
• Coolant expansion tank
• Washer level sensor
• Secondary air pump
• Secondary air valve
• Secondary air relay
• Brake pads, rotors and sensors (all 4 corners)
• Parking brake shoes
• Transmission fluid flush
• Transmission fluid filter, gasket and connector sleeve
• Transmission mounts
• Breather hoses


There is a little bit of work that needs to be done, still. First, there is a slight amount of play in the suspension bushings, but that’s a “down the road” job that doesn’t really affect the vehicle at the current time, just something to think about. Also, the electric cooling fan is currently disconnected, as it’s making a loud screeching noise when plugged in. The owner declined to replace it as of right now, but as long as the new owner replaces it before summer, it shouldn’t be an issue at all. It drives perfectly fine at the moment.


This S430 does have a few cosmetic blemishes that we’ve covered at the bottom of the pictures below. However, we’ll explain them to you here, as well:

Rust: There is penetrative rust on the bottoms of all four doors, both front fenders near the headlights, as well as a small bit on the driver’s side rear quarter panel, just above the rear bumper. All rust spots have been treated with a three-step system to stop it from spreading — we treated each rust spot with naval jelly and Loctite rust converter, followed by a coat of POR15 rust paint to keep the color uniform as well. It’s not a cure, and these spots will need to be addressed by the new owner.

Scratches/Scuffs: The front and rear bumper have scratches/scuffs, which you can see in the pictures below.

With that said, the current asking price for the vehicle is $5000. Please direct all questions and comments to either or our main office number, 815-230-2900. All the pictures of the vehicle’s current state are below:


Again, the current asking price for the vehicle is $5000. Please direct all questions and comments to either or our main office number, 815-230-2900. Thank you!

  • Daniel T
    Posted at 09:33h, 31 January

    It’s a bio-degradable Mercedes….What a shame. My spare parts 1976 W114 has less rust than that. Is that normal in these models?

  • fluidmotorunion
    Posted at 15:31h, 31 January

    If one doesn’t take care of the car, then it’s definitely a possible outcome given the high amounts of precipitation and humidity that the Midwest encounters. Some cars are more susceptible than others, and there’s tons of factors that come into play.

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