FMU Difference

What’s The FMU Difference?

Service and Performance. We’re not just an automotive repair facility. Our knowledge doesn’t end with a car that runs like it did from the factory; instead, we have a small arm of Fluid MotorUnion that remains dedicated to taking cars above and beyond their original parameters. If you happen to be bitten by the need for speed, you don’t even need to leave the shop — we’re already prepared to help you assuage that need. Ask anybody at Fluid, and we’ll put together a suggested list for your car, some of which not only increase your power, but your drivability and fuel economy, as well! Our performance team is also fully versed and certified in automotive repair, meaning we’ll never be one man short, keeping your wait times down.


Above and Beyond. Fluid MotorUnion doesn’t just pride itself on doing the job, we take it one step above and beyond the call of duty. If there’s something small that we notice during the course of our work — say, a dashboard switch is a little loose, or there are some bolts that would benefit from a re-tightening, we’ll go ahead and take care of that for you without charging for it. You didn’t come in for that work, and it only takes two minutes to do, so why not take care of it? We’re never going to gouge you with hidden charges and work you didn’t ask for — that’s not the way we want to do business. No matter what, we want your car leaving our shop better than how it came in, and we’re always willing to go out of our way to make that happen.


We Don’t Discriminate. Even though we’ve been trained primarily in the ways of modern European vehicles, every technician at Fluid MotorUnion is fully trained and prepared to diagnose and fix issues for cars both young and old, from Europe or anywhere else on the globe. And don’t think we’ll put off the oil change on your Honda Odyssey the second a BMW arrives for service; at Fluid, we treat every car as equal and never give preferential treatment based on the brand of car you drive.


High Quality OEM Parts. We hold ourselves to a high standard with regards to the parts we use to service your vehicle. All our body work utilizes genuine parts; since you cannot guarantee the quality of OEM parts made by an aftermarket manufacturer, we rely on our vast network of distributors to hunt down only the best quality parts, straight from the company that built your car. Even if you choose refurbished parts rather than new ones, we have a constantly shifting selection of the best refurbished parts for your car. We’re big fans of the Golden Rule — treat others as you want to be treated; if we wouldn’t feel 110% comfortable putting it on our own cars, it won’t go on yours, guaranteed.


Cutting-Edge Hardware. Fluid MotorUnion needs to remain on the cutting edge if we want to keep up to date with everything new from various automakers. As a result, we are constantly investing in new technologies and hardware to keep our shop up to date with everything automotive. Whether it’s an additional diagnostic tool to help get your car back out on the road faster, or just a new set of Snap-On tools to help get those pesky bolts off, we remain dedicated to bringing you a top-tier level of service by keeping our toolboxes filled with the latest and greatest.


One Stop Shop. Fluid MotorUnion has always strived to bring you everything you’ll need for your car in one convenient package. We don’t have to ship cars off to a body shop or a paint station for some light cosmetic work, nor do we have to call in freelancers to do a job we can’t. The only outsourcing we do is window tints, and it’s only because our tinter is somebody we’ve worked with and have trusted for years. Otherwise, Fluid MotorUnion can do it all, from rust repair to paint, from maintenance and service to frame straightening.


Rental Arrangements. Just because you’ve dropped your car off with us, doesn’t mean we then put all our focus on the car — after all, it’s the customer’s experience that matters. We have partnered with a few local branches of major car rental services in order to bring you the best possible value on a rental car, should you need one. Or, if you live a short hop from us, ask us and we’ll gladly take a couple minutes to drive you home. Otherwise, we can arrange to get you a rental car whichever way is most convenient for you, including a pick-up right from the shop.


Hassle-Free Emissions. Emissions doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just bring your car to us, and we’ll do all the hard work for you. If you’re unsure of your car’s ability to pass emissions (due to a check engine light or other factors), give us a call and we’ll walk you through our normal process. If parts need to be ordered, we’ll give you a list of exactly what you need to pass emissions — no more, no less. From there, we’ll take your car on the road in order to set the readiness monitors; your car has to undergo a serious of very strictly outlined tests in order to be ready to pass emissions, and we have years of experience in the tactics necessary to set the proper monitors on your car. Then we’ll run it over to emissions for you, and when you come to pick up your car, you won’t even have to worry about it, everything will be taken care of already. And there’s nothing more satisfying than peace of mind.


Pride in Service. Fluid MotorUnion takes great pride in service work. Our staff is enthusiastic and loves the work they do, but above all that, they like to see customers happy as they enter their vehicle and head back out onto the road. Many of our staff members left the dealership setting in order to provide a level of service that the dealer has trouble achieving.


Focus on Education. We also pride ourselves on education. The more the customer knows about their car, the better chance they have of helping the car achieve its maximum lifespan. FMU strives to educate each and every customer, not only about the work we’re recommending, but better ways to help you get to six digits on your car’s odometer. Our expert advice will bring about a longer-lasting vehicle and a greater peace of mind.


Knowledgeable Staff. Our staff’s knowledge is second to none. Many of our technicians have dealership credentials from various manufacturers such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche. Our owner and founder, OJ Lopez, was the Master Technician at the number one BMW dealership in Chicago, only one year after starting there! When filling our ranks at FMU, we always search out technicians and engineers that have a passion for both wrenching and learning. After all, cars will continue to change, so should the knowledge of the technicians! If we’re not at the shop, odds are we’re off at one of the various training seminars we attend each year.


Empathy and Prevention. When we fix your vehicle, we transfer the problem from you to us. Our techs make it their personal mission to not only get to the root of your problem and fix it, but also find out why it happened and how it can be prevented in the future. When you get a repair done at Fluid MotorUnion, you’ll have access to all this information we uncover during the course of the repair, it’s our guarantee to you.


No Extraneous Work, Ever. We don’t tack on five extra pages of parts that you don’t need at the moment, and won’t need for years to come. We know budgets are tight, and we’re here to help you work within that budget. Fluid MotorUnion will recommend repairs that will let you leave and not return with the same issue. However, we will also let you know what you may want to start considering in the coming months, in case you need some extra time for preparation. It’s not easy to have car repairs fall on you last-minute, it’s always better to be prepared.


Value in Fairness. We would much rather surprise you with a fair bill, than sell you unnecessary work. Even if that means our margins are lower, we’d rather you leave with a sense of both monetary and personal satisfaction and have you go out and tell ten friends about it.


A Hands-On Environment. Our owners don’t just sit in glass boxes, overseeing their employees with an iron fist, screaming about meeting quotas. Our owners, OJ and Craig, are out there in the garages with the technicians and engineers, using their knowledge to help make the process of repair more efficient. They understand the problems and complexities inherent in the vehicles of today, as well as whatever concerns you may have, and attempt to convey that through the business on every level down to the shop floor itself. After all, it was the undying passion for this line of work that spurred the owners to create Fluid MotorUnion.


Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed. We are professionals, and we carry ourselves as such. We stand behind the work we do in every instance, and if for some reason you feel your expectations were not met, we will do everything within our power to make it right. We also pledge to never do repairs that we don’t think will fix the issue at hand. Many times, we have customers come through the shop with unnecessary parts they’ve purchased themselves, be it based on self-diagnosis or somebody else’s suggestions, like the dealership’s. If we don’t believe it will help remedy your issue, we won’t do it. This has been the Fluid MotorUnion satisfaction guarantee since day one.