Suspension Service and Maintenance


Your vehicle’s Suspension components have to perform 2 main functions, keep your vehicles tires in optimal contact with the ground, while providing the passengers with a safest and most comfortable ride possible. With extreme weather, potholes and the ample use of road salt, the midwest can be a particular challenging area for a vehicles suspension. From noise, to road feel, we use our expertise to diagnose and fix any and all suspension issues you may be having.


Here are a few of the things we look at when checking your suspension.

    • Shocks,
      • Most newer vehicles (2000 and up) won’t have shock issues unless the shock shows visual signs of leaking.  That isn’t the only method of checking or verifying failure. A good old fashioned bounce test, or checking play while the vehicle is lifted, can quickly expose problem shocks. Irregular wear on tires can also mean it is time to service your shocks


    • Springs
      • In the Midwest, the use of salt leads to rapid corrosion of mild steel alloys. Springs can start to rust, and when a pothole or other road hazard is struck, the spring can crack and break. Checking for spring sag is also a good indication of spring condition.


    • Ball Joints
      • Ball joints are designed to give a smooth range of  movement to whatever part they are integrated. If there is any play or excessive movement, this is a sign of failure.


    • Control Arms and Bushings
      • Bushings are designed to limit movement of a part or component in a way that doesn’t degrade the ride quality. Any play or motion here can lead to poor ride comfort and control as well as potential failure of hard components, which can cause a dangerous accident.