Transmission Service and Repair



The transmission is the component that converts the energy made by your vehicle’s engine to forward motion. Many manufacturers have made claims of non-serviceable lifetime transmission fluids. Unfortunately for the consumer this practice drastically shortens the maximum possible life of the transmission. Using our years of experience servicing a wide variety of makes and model, we can come up with a service plan that maximizes not only the life of your transmission but your budget too!


Below are some of the items we check for during our service plan evaluation of your vehicle.


  • A diagnostic scan and test drive is the best way to determine the health of the transmission. We only offer our expert maintenance plans for transmission that are healthy and operating in accordance to their mileage. Doing maintenance to transmission that is having issues can often times accelerate the wear. Only an experienced tech can recommend when it is best for your transmission to receive service, or when it is best to leave things as is.


  • A burnt smell coming from the fluid indicates high levels of stress, load, and heat. This means that the fluid is broken down past its operation parameters and can no longer protect the transmission.


  • Metal flakes or bits in the fluid indicate the failure of metal parts inside the trans. This means that the transmission could be on its way out. It may be best to leave the fluid alone to prolong the life of the current failing transmission. Reason being is that it uses the broken down media to aid in shifting and overall operation. New fluid might lead to gear slippage and rapid failing of the transmission.


  • Non-metallic grit is a symptom of the organic material from the clutch discs failing. If there are heavy amounts, it may be best to leave the fluid be.