What actually gets checked during a vehicle inspection? Well, it depends on what type of inspection is being requested.


Most customers that come to us are owners of a vehicle that is between 4-10 years old. They know their car is used and don’t really want a technician pointing out the functioning state of every little feature. For example, most people will go without the use of the rear seat heaters once they find out it can be a potential $900 fix. Our goal during this type of vehicle inspection is to keep an eye on the things that will keep the car on the road the longest while protecting its resale value.

This is a different inspection than the one we perform during a new car or a pre-purchase inspection.

During a pre-purchase inspection, we are trying to assess if the value matches the asking price of the vehicle. During our PPI, we will tell you the functioning state of all main and sub systems in order to help you get the best price on the vehicle you’re buying. We will also help identify any issues and potential problems going on with the vehicle and identify and discrepancies with the description you were given. We will even supply you with an itemized estimate to help you negotiate the price of the vehicle.