Flaring Up

Flaring Up

This kind of flaring up won’t result in a clinic visit and a Valtrex prescription. This is much, much more fun than that.

Remember last week, when we introduced Jim’s SVT Raptor? Its wheel bolts are currently with King Suspension themselves, being anodized in their specific shade of blue (and we cannot thank them enough for having these anodized for us!). While the bolts are out, we had a little bit of body work to do for the Raptor, as well. It’s time to add a little aggressiveness to this vehicle’s silhouette with some aftermarket fiberglass front fenders that are definitely flared out well past the OEM equivalent.


Now, we’ve discussed fiberglass aftermarket body panels in the past, as their quality can be all over the map. These fenders aren’t too bad, but they did require a bit of modification for a high-level of fitment. The front parts of the fender (that meet up with the hood to create the headlight cavity) were molded in such a way that they made contact with the hood. Thankfully one of the best parts of fiberglass panels is that they’re able to be modified. With a bit of adjustment, we’ll be able to create an even panel gap that looks much closer to a factory-level of fitment. This picture below was taken during the modification; you can see the leading edge has already been modified a bit, otherwise it would have rubbed up against the hood, which isn’t acceptable to us, or really to anybody.


Either way, the fenders are now in the paint booth, being prepped for their primary coats. We’ll tune back into this job in a little while to check on the progress.


In other news, our excitement is flaring up over in our new paint mixing area, formerly known as the storage garage. While we still move pieces out of there to make room, they’ve finished wiring up the electrical parts of the Spies Hecker paint mixing system. The wall of base paints you see there will have mixers attached to each can, and it will automatically mix each base for a set amount of time every day, ensuring a consistent mixture whenever we need some paint. The scale’s also out and calibrated, and the computer is just about ready to go as well. Everything’s coming together, so expect more of this in the near future as well!


Lastly, Jade’s temper was flaring up on Friday, when she discovered that a new tire does not function well as a sort of gerbil ball for Schnauzers.


Stay tuned for more content this week, including the exciting finale to Nick’s M3’s custom midsection!


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