Endings And A New Beginning

Most of today’s blog posts will be endings to last week’s jobs. But to end on a positive note, we have a new beginning to announce, as well!

To start off the ‘ending’ half of the blog post, we finished up the water-methanol storage tank that we were constructing for a customer’s forced induction car. The tank was built in a non-standard polygonal shape in order to match the area we’ll be installing it into, and will provide well over a gallon of water-methanol for insertion into the intake charge. Some boosted cars utilize the windshield washer fluid reservoir; however, this car has a small fluid tank that will deplete quickly, especially if both the wipers and the water-meth injection are on at the same time. Therefore, we have this box. Here it is on the welding table just before we started laying down beads:


Before we get to the welds, there are two holes in the box that we didn’t mention previously. The first belongs to the feed line, which is where the water-meth will be pumped from the tank; in order to make sure it gets nearly every last drop from the tank, it’s installed towards the bottom. Right above it is the level sensor, which will ensure that the owner knows exactly when it’s time to fill up the tank in the back.


Once we ascertained that the sensor and feed lines were good to go, we removed them (for safety’s sake) and brought the tank over to the welding table. As you might expect, things turned out nicely. We’ve got a couple shots of the results below, but suffice to say the tank is now fully welded and we’re ready to move on to the next step for this build!


With that finished, it’s time to move back to our client’s Z4M. As you may recall, we welded in some new catalytic converters to replace the outgoing bottle-type resonators, since our client may be moving to Europe and wants to ensure that his car will pass their stringent requirements. However, that’s not the only bit of exhaust work we needed to do. We also added on two V-band clamps between the midsection and the rear section, just after the X-pipe. After cutting away the correct amount of metal from the single-piece exhaust (because V-band clamps have a bit of width to them), we test-fit the new clamps and tacked everything up prior to welding.


Once the tacks were in place, we made sure the metal didn’t move and that everything (from the midsection to the exhaust tips) hadn’t changed positions, we set about welding the clamps into place. As with the water-meth tank, we snapped a quick picture of one part of the final result, and as quick as lightning, everything was back together and fits quite nicely without any unintended contact with body parts. Success!


Finally, it’s time for the new beginning. If you follow our Facebook or Instagram accounts, you’ll know that we received a new fabrication project in the shop late Friday night. If you don’t know what it is from the picture below, well, we will have more information on this one coming out shortly. Needless to say, we’ll be helping it move from silence to violence, and we’re excited to have you, dear reader, with us every step of the way.


Have a great start to your week, and get ready for some awesome stuff to roll out of the shop in the coming days.