Crunch Time

Seeing as how we’re leaving after work on Friday for Eurowerks 6 up in Minnesota, it’s getting to be crunch time at FMU headquarters.

The first step is assembling our Eurowerks-bound vehicles in the shop and making sure minor service issues are remedied prior to leaving. This means a couple crowd favorites might be popping their heads in.


All that service is taken care of after-hours, though. Even though we’re here working on customer cars 11 hours each day, there’s always time after work to put some wrenches to our own FMU projects. During the day, though, we’re still working as hard as always to make sure our table is as clean as possible prior to Friday’s departure. One of the fabrication projects to finish up this week was a set of AMG exhaust tips that we installed on a customer’s Mercedes S550. Given the AMG and non-AMG mufflers are a bit different, it required some slightly tricky piping to mate up the AMG tips, but it’s all in a day’s work.


Now, back to the Roadster. Last time we saw it, the motor had several pieces left to be assembled; namely, all of them.


Since then, though, we’ve gone about bolting as much together as we can, in the time we’re given. As with all good projects, and with a lot of other things in life, you’ve got to start from the bottom before you work your way to the top.


With the bottom half of the block bolted back into place, we flipped it 180 degrees and focused our attention on the head. As time goes on and more pictures are taken, the motor is slowly coming together to resemble something you might see in a car.


And it’s good that it’s almost ready to go back in, seeing as how the Roadster looks mighty lonely (and mighty skyjacked) without a motor under the hood.


We’ll leave you with one more picture from a project that we’re currently tackling in fabrication — Dan’s Accent’s exhaust. It…OH GOD NO, WHAT’S HAPPENED?!


See you tomorrow! In the meantime, it’s back to the daily grind.