BMW X5 Off-Road Bumper Build

As I’m sure many of you BMW owners know, the BMW X5 isn’t exactly the vehicle that comes to mind when you think of a push bar. If you don’t count the bumper we built for our Project X E53 awhile back, there hasn’t been any new off-road products developed for the X5. Until now……

Most of you that follow our work have probably seen images of the original E53 Project X front bumper, but for those that haven’t here’s a link. As much as we love the original design, we wanted to come up with something that was a little easier and time efficient to build and produce for those interested in running their own “Bull Bar.”

X5 Offroad bumper 1

Designed for easy install and fabricated using heavy duty roll cage grade 2″ steel, this brush guard is built to last.

X5 Offroad bumper 2

X5 Offroad bumper 3



Next it’s off to powder coating, so stay posted for more information!

Supporting that, if you have any specific questions or you’re interested in ordering a bumper for your BMW X5 please feel free to e-mail us via and we’ll be happy to help!