Clunking Sound When You Hit the Brakes? Your BMW May Need Thrust Arm Bushing Replacement in Naperville

BMW Thrust Arm Bushing

Clunking Sound When You Hit the Brakes? Your BMW May Need Thrust Arm Bushing Replacement in Naperville

Have you noticed that after hitting the brake the car feels like it “keeps traveling” before coming to a complete stop? We suspect you may be having thrust arm bushing failure.

Thrust arms and bushings are responsible for controlling the movement of the suspension for a smooth transfer of energy and pressure from your vehicle’s wheels to the frame. This takes place when there is a change in the direction of inertia on the suspension, most notably during braking. For example when you go from moving forwards or backward to a stop.
BMWs specifically have fluid-filled rubber bushings for the trust arms. Eventually, as the rubber in these bushings wears out the fluid will leak out of them, no longer providing solid support the thrust arms need. This can result in clunking noises, vibrations, and hesitation feeling in the chassis when you start or stop. Not to mention tire wear and poor alignment

BMW Thrust Arm Bushing
Drivers side thrust arm bushing leaking fluid

A good way to test if your BMW thrust arm bushing is worn is by racking the car and lifting it. Once it is up in the air, grab the wheel firmly, and push and pull towards the front and rear of the vehicle. If you can feel the wheel move excessively then your bushings are worn. These kinds of bushings are used in the BMW 335i, 325i, 328i, 528i, 550i, 545i, 525i, M5’s, and M3’s.

This video displays visible movement of the bushing

BMW Thrust arm bushings can be a tricky part to replace. Due to the corrosion and vibration of the car, suspension components can often become stuck or seized in place. These bushings have to be pressed out of the thrust arms using a hydraulic press. When securing them back in place it is important to use a jack to lift up the suspension into the position it would be if you were driving down the road. If you don’t do this it will result in a torsion force on the bolt when the car is lowered down to the ground. This added strain can cause the new bushings to wear out in a few thousand miles or even less.

If you suspect BMW thrust arm bushing failure in your car hit us up! We are well versed in all kinds of suspension repair on BMWs and other makes as well. Our shop is conveniently located in Naperville IL.

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