Black And White (And Yellow)

Black And White (And Yellow)

Once again, a few aesthetic upgrades has totally changed the character of an otherwise unassuming luxury sedan. Let’s take a look.

Today’s upgrade comes to you by way of a Mercedes-Benz C300. It came to us in stock-as-stock-can-be form, looking for a total exterior refresh in the way of (mostly) black and (partially) yellow paint. Since the calipers take a few steps to paint, we removed the wheels and brakes from the C300 and started working on the calipers. At the same time, we cleaned the living hell out of the wheels to give the paint a proper surface to adhere to.


As with every other caliper paint job that rolls through our doors, we don’t just put the car up in the air and rattle-can the calipers (and most of the underbody suspension components) until it looks right. Instead, each caliper has the OEM coating removed and is run through the tumbler, which helps to remove any extra paint and also prep the surface for the new color. After waiting for the tumbler to finish, we take the naked calipers back into our paint booth and begin applying color from any and all angles, leaving no metaphorical stone unturned.


Once the calipers have dried and are ready for reassembly, we’ll attach them to the car while we start preparing the remaining pieces for their stain and gloss black treatments.


With the paint booth cleared out and ready for the trim pieces, we set about removing them from the vehicle and preparing them for paint. Some pieces, like the exhaust tips, are removed and prepped for paint, requiring no further work to them. Other parts, such as the grille, will be painted in both satin and gloss black, therefore they’ll need a bit more work done to them. Once everything is taped off correctly and ready to go, it’s time to shut the paint booth doors and start spraying.


Just like with the calipers, we have to wait for everything in the paint booth to dry. From there, we’ll reattach the various trim pieces, clean the car off and get it ready to be reclaimed by its owner. Just before we took it away to clean it up, as the owner was coming soon, we stole a few shots of it outside. Here’s how it turned out. In terms of colors, the calipers were the only parts to be painted yellow, with satin and gloss black color covering the exhaust tips, wheels, front grill, side mirrors, foglights and shrouds. It definitely changes this car from your normal everyday luxury vehicle into something just that much cooler.


We also added a little shameless self-promotion to the calipers, making sure to stay true to the black, white and yellow aesthetic of the Merc.


Overall, we loved the way it turned out and hoped the owner would, as well. We weren’t let down by his reaction whatsoever; he walked away from this with a smile from ear to ear. Not everybody is looking to make their car a high-horsepower Autobahn-storming beast; instead, some just want to stand apart from the crowd without investing a house’s worth of money. From big to small, we’re always down to discuss ways that we can help make your car something unique! Shoot us an inquiry to if you’re looking for the same!

Have a great start to your week!

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