All The Small Things

All The Small Things

Today’s post is, as you could glean from the title, all about the small things.

Let’s start with the biggest of the small things, Fisher’s Mazdaspeed MX-5. This little pocket rocket is putting down enough power to be considered in the Super RWD class for Redline Time Attack. And the dyno definitely proved that – over 240 horsepower to the wheel! With a race-prepped interior and a turbo you can hear from three towns over, this car’s definitely something to watch out for on the track. It’s a shame to see it leave, but it was fun to have here while it lasted. Adieu, good friend:


Next, we’ve got a box full of small things. The RS6 intake pieces returned from the powdercoater today, and they look great! We’re currently working on arranging all the pieces and making sure we have all the necessary parts for the installation before boxing it up and sending them out. It’s our first group buy, so we’re super excited that everything is coming together:


Onto something even smaller. We just finished putting together this cap for an S54’s oil filter. One of the nicest things about this engine is that the oil filter sits vertical in the engine bay; it’s easier to reach, easier to remove, and easier to replace. Plus, it’s another spot to put an awesome Fluid creation. Take a look:


And now we’re at the smallest of scales. We decided to add a little self-promoting flair to our E36 velocity stacks:


Now finally, we move to a different definition of “small.” We like to go above and beyond here at Fluid. Even if you’re just in for an oil change, we’re going to clean your interior and tidy up your engine bay. We think it’s those little things that help differentiate us from other service-based garages in the Chicagoland area, and what we’re doing to the exhaust tips on this Porsche are no exception. We put these tips on the rear of the 997 Carrera (the same one as the topic of yesterday’s post), and today we decided to go a little farther to make these tips look damn near perfect. First, we blacked out the inside of the tips so they look factory-fresh (no Photoshop trickery here, we assure you):


And then we added one small bit of flair to the tips themselves. It’s a nice little touch that will remind both the driver and anybody else who notices that Fluid’s here to leave its mark on the world:


Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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