Up To Speed

Up To Speed

Many things have happened in the time our blog was down, so let’s take you on a whirlwind trip of what’s been taking place here at FMU.

We’ll start off this rundown with a bang. Some wild velocity stacks appeared!


The Market Bar van has also appeared, once again, for some service work. This time, we had to push it up the ramp to fabrication. That took, um, a rather concerted effort.


We also had a client bring in some long-tube aftermarket headers to install on his car. Upon noticing a lack of a bullet merge (which helps the flow of the exhaust considerably), we made it so and added one in. Maintaining a proper flow in the exhaust tubing is paramount to both good power and good sound, so we couldn’t let this go past us without adding a helping hand.


Over in paint and body, these guys have been working like children in a mine, which is to say that they’ve been kicking ass and taking names. One of the jobs they worked on recently was a shadowline trim on an E46 3-series. The rest of the car had a gorgeous black-on-red motif, so it only made sense to ditch the shiny chrome trim and replace it with a nice flat black finish.


After the shadowline job finished up, we went to town replacing the front driver’s fender of a mint condition E36. It looks like it’s been nothing but left in a garage and cleaned its entire life. Sadly, on one of its trips out onto the wild roadways of America, it suffered at the hands of some other guy’s front bumper. Therefore, replacement was the best and most efficient route to take. After some prep work to the surrounding panels and a bit of A-pillar adjustment, it’s back to looking brand spanking new!


And, of course, Tom thinks he’s some sort of smart-ass wunderkind that can make faces into the camera all day long. Well guess what, Tom?! Now you’re back on the blog, actin’ the fool.


And that about brings us back up to speed. There are other, longer projects also happening at the same time, which we’ll be diving into with the remainder of this week! Stay tuned!

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