Today, we’ve unearthed (get it?) some pictures that we’ve had in iPhoto for a little while and haven’t yet had a chance to post.

Nothing’s too far from today in terms of time — we’re not posting old pictures from 2009 or anything like that. It’s just various projects that, for whatever reason, have not seen the light of day. Well, that ends today…for at least three targets of the FMU Nikon D90. Let’s start with this Lexus GX470. It rolled into the shop after something gnarly rolled into its rear bumper, causing a terribly unsightly dent.


PDR’s a bit past helping at that stage, so we ordered a new rear bumper. Once it arrived, we prepped the fiberglass then put it into the paint booth. At that time, we looked to the sky and said “Beetlejuice” three times. Then, amidst a great clamor, Michael Keaton appeared out of the ground and painted the bumper. What a nice guy. And since Mr. K doesn’t really get down on paparazzi, that’s why we don’t have any pictures of the actual painting process. That, or our intrepid blogger wasn’t present that day to shoot it. The first one sounds much more plausible, though.


In other news pulled up from the depths of iPhoto, here’s Craig using his welder in what must be a relatively uncomfortable position when precision and repetition are key.


Remember the other day in the blog when we showed a picture of Kris Boss’s M3 and said that something epic was coming? Well, it is. We won’t give away all the fun bits yet, but we did do a bit of preparation for his arrival. He dropped off a box with these four big objects in them, and wanted them painted Phoenix Yellow to match his car. We’re not quite sure what these objects are, or why they have strange markings on the side. They’re probably important, though, since they’re so damn heavy.


After finding someone strong enough to actually lift these behemoths, we prepped their surfaces for paint and loaded them up into the paint booth.


We once again channeled the spirit of the former Batman to spray these object-shaped thingies. Sadly, he didn’t come to our aid — which is weird, since it’s not like he’s doing much else these days. When that happened, we went to an actual human being who has the knowledge to do these sorts of jobs — Ron. Humans are much more reliable than ghosts anyhow. But you have to pay them. You win some, you lose some.


Once they were done, we pulled them out into the garage, to move them to a spot where the camera will never be able to accurately depict the color.


Then we moved them to the actual place where they would rest until completely dry. They came out great, so we’ll be looking forward to two things — first, we’ll need to figure out what these things are and what purpose they serve, and then we’ll need to reapply the strange branding on the outside. We thought they might be shoes, but without soles they seem relatively unpractical. Now we’re thinking they’re part of a Mega Man costume. Hmm, this one’s a real brain-scratcher.


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