This One Goes To Eleven

This One Goes To Eleven

We promised it, and now we’re here to deliver it. Let’s take a look at the new handcrafted rear section for Bob’s F07 550ix GT.


As always, things are a whirlwind of motion at FMU. Between the various jobs and services we offer, it seems like so much is happening. But we always have the time to snap a few pictures of what’s going on, to give you all a better idea of what happens when your car is dropped off at FMU. Bob’s F07 midsection did add a bit of grunt, but not as much as both we and Bob hoped for, so he signed up to do the rear section, as well. We deleted the existing OEM rear mufflers and planned on replacing them with single pass-through Vibrant resonators on each side, and having those resonators sprout Y-pipes, from which the dual tips will spring forth. Of course, that means holding the resonator in place in the muffler cavity, and building both forwards and backwards from there. First, we started with the Y-pipe construction, as that’s typically the most time consuming of all the processes taking place in this job.


And then, somehow, we magically flew through the final welds for the driver’s side.


Even more magically, the passenger side appeared completed, as well! What sort of dark magic trickery are we up to at Fluid? Have we begun bending time and space? We wish.


A few hangers later…


…And it’s done! The new tips definitely let others know that something is amiss, but it’s the sound that will reinforce that certainty. These dual staggered tips on each side are reminiscent of the majority of M-car tips that we make, as BMW chose the two-tips-per-outlet configuration for almost every single M-car. Keeps it within the family, you know? (Please scroll your browser window up if the pictures are covered up by the embedded video directly below, it’ll move out of the way)


But now you might be asking, how does it sound? Well, let’s give you an idea:

Have a great weekend! And to whomever keeps spamming our blog’s comments section with “thesis writing services,” please stop. None of us need a thesis written.

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