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Recently, a customer came in with their relatively new 2013 Nissan GT-R. Typically, an exhaust system is one of the very first modifications that most GT-R owners make to their vehicle; however, this summer we had treated his car to a full race mid-pipe and tune. Not quite satisfied with the noise his toy was making powering around the streets of Naperville, he came across a deal on a gently used HKS Legamax exhaust. After pondering if it would be worth the hassle of installing it over the pretty efficient and down right stout, stock exhaust, he headed over here and we got to work.

Lamborghini Gallardo ADV05 Track Spec SL size: 20×8.5/20×12 finish: Matte Black / Gloss Black Range Rover HSE 2013+ ADV10 Deep Concave SL size: 24×10.5 front and rear finish: brushed w/clear w/polished lips   Lamborghini Aventador ADV005 TS SL size: 20×9 / 21×12.5 finish: brushed matte bronze Vehicle:Audi B8 A6/A7/A8/S6/S7/S8 ADV5.0 MV2-SL size: 20×10 all around finish: brushed liquid smoke Vehicle: Mercedes G-Wagon ADV7.0...