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Direct Injection Problems are becoming rapidly more prevalent as more new cars are turning to this new technology in order to reach better emissions, fuel efficiency, and more performance. This method of fuel injection precisely delivers fuel directly into the cylinder just before the moment of combustion. The potential loss that was once a factor with “on valve” or “intake manifold” injections is greatly negated with direct injection. With all the benefits of direct injection, its easy to see why this technology will soon become the standard delivery method for internal combustion vehicles. There is; however, a dark side to this wonderful, new technology. (to learn more about direct injection, check out here)

8:30 a.m. Good morning.

Before some people finish their commute, and before some people even wake up, Fluid's hard at work.

Since there's plenty to be done today, and plenty of customers' cars that need parking, some of the project cars are sitting out front, basking in the glow of the early morning, southwestern-suburban sunlight.