Supercar Saturdays – July 2011

Supercar Saturdays – July 2011

Well, we’re back. On top of it being a busy weekend with the holiday, it was also time for Supercar Saturdays once again.

This month, the venue changed to Bolingbrook’s Promenade, a much closer hike for the Fluid MotorUnion crew. We thanked our lucky stars and headed off into the sunrise. It was obvious that SCS was planning for a much larger arrival than last time, having secured two completely separate spots in the Promenade for cars that would be arriving shortly. In one massive parking lot, there were cars that weren’t just limited to the expensive, rare and foreign-born; the main parking lot held groups of VWs, Hondas, Nissans, and just about every current domestic muscle car you can think of. We’ll call this part of the event The Hoovervilles.


The second area of the lot was quite different from the first. This area was located between the buildings, in the smaller, shaded roadways. We’ll call this section The Waldorf-Astoria. The Waldorf-Astoria was home to all the supercars of exotic (read: Italian) origin, the quite-vintage domestic muscle, and a high-quality selection of other European (read: German) vehicles.


FMU showed up with plenty of time to spare, so we secured a spot in The Hoovervilles that afforded us both plenty of sunshine and plenty of exposure to the massive crowds that were soon to arrive. And massive they definitely were; it seemed almost twice as many people attended this SCS as compared to last month. For this month, we chose to bring the X5 (as it never gets old), the 330i (as it hadn’t been to SCS yet), and the E90 M3 for the most obvious of reasons. Hearing the words, “Your engine bay is my wallpaper!” never gets old. Truth be told, it’s awfully humbling.


As always, the Germans show up en masse; before we knew it, we were flanked by a Porsche and an E92 M3, with an older AMG hanging out a few cars down from our post in The Hoovervilles.


Some of the Cobra replicas ended up in The Hoovervilles, too, much to the delight of everybody. These cars never cease to make their presence known and felt.


Over in the Waldorf-Astoria, there were more exotics than last month, as well. Perhaps it was just the tighter arrangements, or better organization; either way, there were cars a-plenty over which to drool and daydream. This road started off on the right foot with a Rolls Royce.


And from there, it just got better…


Take note of the license plate cover.


And then an Ultima GTR showed up. This car is available in both kit (BYO engine assembly) and turn-key (engine included) flavors. All turn-key Ultima GTRs, and some of the kit models come with a Chevrolet small-block V8 mated to either a Porsche or Getrag transaxle. For a car this light and purpose-built, it must absolutely fly with such an engine.


And then we turned from exotics to the collection of other European cars at the Waldorf-Astoria.


This E-Class AMG belongs to our friend Al from High Speed Exotics, a forum that we recently began sponsoring! Check it out and sign up when you’ve got a chance, and discuss some serious rides with like-minded fellows. But back to Al’s car. The chrome, dear God, the chrome. We’ve never seen wheels with this level of detailed shine before. Wowee.


This Supra has a turbo bigger than your head. It is also capable of altering the Earth’s spin once boost kicks in.


And finally, as we left to head back to The Hoovervilles, we noticed a small silver bullet hanging out on the far end of the lot. Upon moving closer, it was certainly a great way to end our Supercar Saturdays, and also this thread.


We hope everybody had a safe and happy Fourth of July! Good luck on your four-day workweek; it’s almost Wednesday already!

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