Range Rover Dealership Alternative

Range Rover Dealership Alternative

Looking for the best Range Rover dealership alternative? Fluid MotorUnion has been servicing Range Rovers for years! Recently we had a customer bring in their Range Rover SVAutobiography for an oil leak diagnosis. The SVAutobiography is one of the most high-end models Land Rover produces, featuring the latest and greatest in luxury and technology. Despite this SUV only being 40,000 miles old, it had developed a pretty sizable oil leak which was collecting on the floor of our customer’s garage. The car was brought to the local dealership first, where the technicians diagnosed the leak as being from the front timing cover. The customer wanted a second opinion so he brought it over to us. As soon as we got the car in the shop we noticed something interesting. Looking down into the engine bay a collection of straw and leaves could be seen. We lifted the car and removed the front skip plate to reveal a massive mouse nest packed right in between the skid plate and oil pan. Interesting that the dealership did not note this in their inspection nor mention it to the customer…

Here is the video inspection report sent to our customer, if you look closely you can even see the mouse nest peeking out from the skid plate.
Range Rover Dealership
With the skid plate dropped the mouse nest is easily visible.

Besides the fact that the dealership supposedly diagnosed the oil leak without seeing the massive mouse next sitting on top of the skid plate (which needs to be removed to view the area it was leaking from). They were also completely wrong about the source of the oil leak. The oil leak was actually coming from a Camshaft Angle Sensor, not the front timing cover. This is why our customers have chosen us as their Range Rover dealership alternative.

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